I teach art to children in grades K-6 at a small, private school for gifted & talented students in Wisconsin.  You can see the influence of children in my artwork with my bright colors and fun, loose style.


Not everyone will be an artist when they grow up, but everyone will use creativity in their lives.  Teaching art and sharing my love of creativity is my passion.  Young children are uninhibited and have the spontaneity and the playfulness we all desire. 

Most of the art on this blog are pages from my art journals.

What is an art journal?  Basically it's like a sketchbook, but in my art journal, I combine all kinds of art materials and collages.  Some pages have words and others are just colors and imagery.  Most are not meant to be finished works of art displayed on a wall.  Sometimes, they end up being frame-worthy, other times they are just for the process of creating.


My teaching blog which chronicles my adventures teaching elementary school art is called Art is Basic.   I enjoy writing when I have a chance and have published articles about my art and techniques in various magazines including Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studio.  I was also a contributing editor to a print magazine called Featuring.

My favorite media are watercolor paints, markers, patterned papers and ephemera found in my day-to-day life.

I am open to writing assignments, guest blogging (both on my blog and others), sponsorships, collaborative art projects and other teaching opportunities.  Email me if you want to talk with me!