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I am an art teacher, a mixed-mixed media artist, an observer, a collector, and a dabbler in all kinds of art.  Teaching art and sharing my love of creativity is my passion.  Young children are uninhibited and have the spontaneity and the playfulness we all desire.

My teaching blog which chronicles my adventures teaching elementary school art is called Art is Basic.   I host a group to bring together artists who blog: Artists in Blogland.  It's a fun group that shares artwork each week.  I invite you to join us!  I am also proud to be a contributing editor to a print magazine called Featuring.  

My favorite media are watercolor paints, markers, patterned papers and ephemera found in my day-to-day life.

I am open to guest blogging (both on my blog and others), sponsorships, collaborative art projects and other teaching opportunities.  Email me if you want to talk with me!


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