Watercolor Flowers on Yupo Paper

This Yupo paper is very interesting to paint on.. The paper does not absorb the paint, it sits on the surface until it dries.  The paper is translucent (like vellum) but does not wrinkle when you paint on it.  The flowers in the middle were painted on it and then the picture was taped on to the background.  I'm linking this one over at the Butterfly Effect.


mel said...

oooooooh! now i've never heard of this paper but am totally entranced with the idea that it doesn't absorb the paint...

the possibilities!!!

i LOVE, LOVE your flowers....LOVE them.


ps. thanks for playing with us this week!!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I've been wanting to try yupo, thanks for the comments on it. Great piece. xox Corrine

amy said...

I can't get yupo paper locally, which Drives me Nuts.
Now that i've seen yours though, i'm wanting it all over again.

crap.. here comes a giant online order of hoardy type things.

my manperson will be *so* thrilled.


Marcia said...

Yupo is really fun. Although a bit pricey. I had to buy mine online too. I used Blick Art supplies. Amy, have you tried using it?