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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've been busy for the last couple of weeks and overwhelmed, (and it's not an excuse.. really.. my car was totaled, I work full time, we had parent-teacher conferences, church obligations, yada yada yada.)  Anyways, so I had been meaning to check out Amy's free workshops and this week Manon was doing a workshop with Amy.  I really love Manon's style, so I watched the video of her workshop.  I really enjoyed learning how she layers markers to create the shades on her little girl drawings.  And then she used gesso to blend the markers.  I haven't ever used gesso in that way, so that was really cool.  I'm very pleased with how my little girl turned out, but also then I have mixed feelings, because this is really a Manon girl and really her style.  I don't really ever draw people that much, maybe once in awhile.  I think there are some elements of the drawing style that I could transfer to things like animals and creatures.  Anyways, I think the girl turned out pretty cute. 


Manon said...

Marcia she is gorgeous!!!! I love seeing how my little popjes are popping up all over the place. I hope she inspired you to take you on your own journey and that you may paint people a bit more.
I ll put you on my blog with the other studends so others can see your work too.
Manon X

Cameron said...

She is cute...and I like her quilt dress, too!

Art Expression said...

She is so you I take online workshop and I am worry about being someone else style...but that is where we learn new techniques and by practicing in time we maybe able to develop our own style.You should be proud...she is beautiful = )

Gwen Hughes said...

Such an unexpected technique. I have not heard of that before.. She is lovely!!
Gwen xx

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

she is really cute but I think she still looks a bit like your work... fun to watch and learn new techniques and it will be fun to see how the techniques turn up in other things


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