Treasure Hunt

Seth Apter, from The Altered Page, is challenging his readers to re-post "hidden gems"... blog posts from the past that you may have missed.

I originally started a blog that combined teaching elementary art and my own personal artwork, but I decided to separate the two out.  My other blog is called Art is Basic.   This is some artwork I made 4 years ago for my nieces.

What to do with all those family photos? Want to make a special gift for a holiday or occasion? These family photo collages are so fun to make. Using scrapbook paper, ribbons, photos and other bits and pieces of ephemera, make a montage incorporating a family photo or two. Add paint on top to tie the whole piece together.

Sonia, 2008 My niece, Sonia.

Lucy, 2008

I was inspired by and used techniques from Corey Moortgart's book.  I have purchased 100's of art books over the years and I end up reselling a whole lot of them.  This is one I've hung on to and enjoyed over again.


Corrine at said...

Sweet! xox

Corey Moortgat said...

Oh, so sweet! Love them! THanks for such kind words about my book! I have a niece named Lucy, too!

Marit said...

How fun to see your blog pop up in Seth's buried treasure list... I love the work you show! So different from what you do now and yet so 'Marcia'... wonderful!

queenb2u said...

Love the whimsy. Thanks for sharing.

Raylee said...

great idea! i especially like the second photo.