5 Fabulous Things

I found a few more fabulous things for you to enjoy.

1.  Are you a NO-REPLY BLOGGER?  You might be and not even know it!  If you are a no-reply blogger it is very very difficult for people to send you an email after you leave a comment.  Look at this tutorial to see how. Check to make sure that "show my email address" is checked in your profile settings, otherwise people can't reply to you.  I really want to respond to comments and this makes it possible!

2.  Help Everyday is a Holiday who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Jenny and Aaron make and sell the cutest paintings.  They were hit hard by the hurricane and are trying to rebuild.  They are having a sale in their shop to help raise money.  The pictures on their post about the hurricane are very telling.. very intense. At the bottom of that post is where you will find the link to their shop.

3.  Free Printable Journaling Tags from Creativity Prompt.

4.  I really like Sarah Giannobile's abstract paintings!

5.  Cassie Stephens awesome turkey outfit.  She is an elementary art teacher with the best handmade outfits.  Check out her blog.  amazing!

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Carin Cullen said...

A great 5 things. So glad you mentioned the no-reply thing on blogger. It kind of drives me crazy when I try to email someone. Off to check out the journaling cards now.