Featuring Magazine in the mail and a handmade book

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I want to share with you a few peeks of the latest issue of Featuring magazine (#3).  I was eagerly awaiting my copy and yesterday I received it.

As a thank you gift, Marit sent me this very lovely handbound book.  Thank you Marit!  Sewing books is one thing I have never had the patience for.  The cover is beautiful and has a nice texture.  Those black circles look like they were embossed.

hand bound book

Here is one of the articles I wrote:  The Art of Motherhood.

And the Featured Blogger: iHanna!  There are so many awesome articles in this magazine.

We received this very nice compliment in our emails today and I am smiling from ear to ear over it.
"I just received issue #3 in the mail a couple of days ago, and would just like to say that all of you at Featuring continue to outdo yourselves.  I am still reading the articles in this issue, but have already found Spontaneous Acts of Creation, An artist in Berlin, and your own Three Journals, and Love Me Do, particularly interesting and engrossing.  What continues to amaze me about your magazine is the breadth of incredible art and words you are able to cram into a mere 76 pages, cover-to-cover.  Featuring is helping to create a real sense of community among art journaling, mixed media artists, and others, which crosses not only geographical borders, but artistic borders, as well.  Many thanks, Marit, for all you, and the other members of the Featuring team, do.  It is my belief, that there is not another art magazine, anywhere in the world as vibrant and original as yours!"

Best always,
Mukilteo, Washington


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Very nice post. You should be smiling.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

You should be beaming and now I can't wait for mine to arrive! xox

Mary Walker Designs said...

What a wonderful compliment

Jane said...

I agree with Robert. Your magazine is really exceptional, including the piece you contributed this month. Congratulations to all and continued success!

Za faran said...

The handmade book looks so very bright and beautiful (love the orange) and looking at the "Featuring" magazine online, I really like its pages, art work. Great work!

Michellem said...


Elisa said...

so happy for you, Marcia! And a wonderful entry too. :)

Seth said...

Looks like another wonderful issue. Congratulations Marcia.

Magda Polakow said...

I have my copy of magazine! Amazing! Love it

iHanna said...

Yay you, you this mag! Thanks for the mention!


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