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8 Tips To Get Started On Your Project Life

1. Purchase photo sleeves with little compartments, like these: Photo Pocket Pages - Big Variety Pack 1 (60 Pages) You can buy the Becky Higgins brand (who started the whole Project Life craze) or you can buy your own photo sleeves. These have 6 photos on a sheet.  I flip-flop back and forth with styles and brands depending on what I think would look best based on the photos I have. 

2.  Cut up cardstock to fit the sleeves.  I pre-cut a WHOLE bunch of scrapbook papers in order to fit so I can just grab them when I am ready.  When I started this scrapbook, I originally bought a core kit from the Becky Higgins line, but then realized I had so much scrapbook paper already that I could use as well. 

3.  Spend some time just cutting card stock and trimming all of your photos.  Gather colors that look good together.  For example, on the spread above, I picked cardstock with greens because I had some pictures of Daria in grass.

4.  Don't forget to date everything!

5.  Outline pictures in marker to make them stand out more.  Doodle frames around the pictures for extra interest.  

6.  Use non-traditional techniques for backgrounds.  For example, on these pages, I had my 2 1/2 year old color all over the card stock paper.  Then, I cut them up into backgrounds.  These pages might not win any awards in scrapbooking magazines, but they are meaningful to me and that's what's important!

7.  Use a white pen to add doodles, captions and journaling. My favorite pen to use is the Pentel Arts Sunburst Gel Pen, White.  I have tried a lot of pens and this one works best for me on photographs.  Find an area on a photo that is mostly a solid color and that is the perfect place to add your writing.

8. Don't go crazy buying supplies!  For me, the most important tools which I use constantly are:

The white pen:  Pentel Arts Sunburst Gel Pen, White
A good black marker: Sharpie Poster-Paint Markers black fine: WATER BASED  
Adhesive Roller (will save you a lot of time and mess):Tombow Mono Adhesive Roller Applicator (62130)
 A paper trimmer
Cardstock, stickers, colored tape, and whatever random supplies I happen to have lying around.

Good luck!  Have you done any scrapbooking in this format?

All Together Now Giveaway!

The giveaway winner is:

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Anatomy of an Art Journal Page

The other day I was able to finish up another art journal page while my darling two year old splashed around in the kiddie pool outside.  It is so nice to sit outside on days like today, nice warm weather, but not too hot.  Here is the "Anatomy of an Art Journal Page"!

Art Journal pages in progress!: WOYWW

I do a lot of watercolor doodling, but decided to do some more after this weeks Journaling Deep prompt from Journal Girl.

 And I couldn't resist sharing a few photographs from our trip to the local botanical gardens.

Daria, my daughter

Andrew and Daria walking together

Art in the Mail

I received two fun things in the mail this week.

One is a small canvas painting by artist Linda Woods.  She is starting a journal revolution through her books.  She had an Ebay auction for some artworks and I just loved this picture.  I did not read the description carefully enough, so I thought it would be bigger, but it is a teeny-tiny masterpiece.  It is now hanging on my wall by my front door.

Next, I am participating in the Inspiration Avenue postcard swap, and my first postcard arrived in the mail from Nancy Gerritzen.  Thanks!  It is very cool!

Just Journals Link Party

Another Just Journals Linky is here!   Last time, Michelle Mathey shared this beautiful journal page:

It's time again to show off your fun art journal pages! Add your link to the list below.

Grab a button for your page:

All Together Now! GIVEAWAY

Amy has put together a blog hop called "All Together Now!"  Today is the day we are supposed to brag about ourselves.  Yes, she has given us permission to brag about ourselves.  And there are prizes involved!  The GIVEAWAY is at the end of this post.   You should join in too! 

All Together Now

Let's see.. here's a little about me.  My name is Marcia Beckett and I live in Madison, WI.  I live with my awesome husband Andrew and darling 2 year old daughter Daria.  I teach art to elementary school kids at a gifted and talented school. I really like teaching art! I get to exercise my creativity every day. I blog about my adventures and projects at Art is Basic. Earlier this year, I made this cool painting with my 3rd and 4th graders.

I love to paint, create mixed media art and make art journal pages!

I am a contributing editor for the newly launched Featuring Magazine, which is a magazine about mixed media art, art journaling and creativity.

 You too can submit your artwork and be a published author!!   Pick up your copy here.
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Pages in Stages-- #1

A snippet from the journal page.  "Love the questions as much as the answers"--  at our church we sometimes say this in the service.  God is very mysterious and we are always filled with so many questions and *that* is ok.
I often get questions about what supplies I use or how I achieved the layers on my journal pages, so I will walk you through a journal page in it's stages of layers. 

I am also linking this to Paint Party Friday because pieces of it are painted with inktense inks.

1.  I started by sketching cute and odd little people and figures, with pencil.  I was looking at another art journal page of mine that was filled with questions and I realized how it told so much about what was going on in my mind even though it was all questions and it really told a lot about my life at the moment.  I let this page sit like this for a couple weeks.

2.  Then I added pieces of colored tape on the edges.

3.  I used Derwent 12 Inktense Block Tin Set mixed with water and gesso to paint in the negative space with some pastel colors.
I'm still not sure I like the coloring on the top half of the page, but oh well.

 4.  Here I added some shading on the little guys using colored pencils
I outlined the guys with black marker.

5.  Next, I added some gesso mixed with water to soften things up a bit.

6.  I probably should have taken another picture in this in-between stage.  To finish things off, I used Pan Pastels in places to create bright sweeping colors in the negative spaces.  I added more decorative tape.  I added some rub-on letters and symbols.  The flowers were cut from a scrapbooking border and outlined with black marker.   I went around the guys again and re-outlined some of the lines.  I made the words darker and I added the checkered border and strips around the words.  
Well I hope you've enjoyed this Pages in Stages installment and leave me a comment if it was helpful to you.

Spring is Here

Spring is here.

All I want to do is play.

I use hearts a lot in my art work.. it's an easy symbol I tend to gravitate towards.  It is also the theme for Inspiration Avenue this week.