Sticky Journals: Inspiration for Using Stickers in Art Journals

Do you have lots of stickers?  Do you love colored tape and sticky embellishments as much as I do?  If so, you should join me in my Sticky Journals challenge.  This summer, I will show you lots of art journal pages with stickers!  

Starting next week:
  • link ups for you to share your artwork using stickers, tape and labels
  • guest artists
  • tutorials and techniques
  • lots of inspiration
  • and sticker giveaways! 
To get your inspiration flowing, here are a few ideas and photos of awesome sticker art I found.

Use fruit stickers as a background in a collage

Image via Pinterest

 Create a sticker collage within a shape

Brontosaurus by Bsummer via Flickr

Use washi tape as frames


Do you have your stickers ready?

Best wishes, Marcia

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Funky Fabulous Etsy Shop: Kiss My Patootie

Another fabulous Etsy shop to share with you for the May Etsy Promotion!

Kiss My Patootie, owned by Donna from Australia, has a wide selection of really unique shirts, skirts, jewelry, pencil cases and hair clips.  Check out these fun items:

Girls Halter Top
Pirate Pencil Case
Hula Girl Tank Top
Aren't these awesome?

What do you write in your art journal pages?

What do you write in your art journal pages?

I don't share all of my "working" art journal pages, because they're not as pretty.. they are more to serve an immediate purpose and often have to-do lists that I cross out.  Sometimes I paint over the words if they are no longer needed.

In these art journal pages.....
  • project ideas for my classroom
  • names of art supplies
  • blog post brainstorming
Other ideas for writing that pop up in my pages from time to time...
  •  to do lists
  •  goals
  •  notes from magazines that I browse through at bookstores
  •  quotes from books that I am reading
  •  lists of characters and plots in complicated fictional books that I am reading
  •  overheard words and phrases
  •  text cut from a magazine or book
  •  words that strike me as interesting or compelling at the time
  •  notes from a church sermon
  •  key points from a lecture or meeting
  •  song lyrics
  •  questions I have
  •  funny things that I've heard 
  •  websites that someone tells me about
  •  phrases that are more like poetry

Link Love

Here are 5 blog articles that caught my eye this week.

1.  Audrey Smith's gorgeous collages

2.  I love photos of animals with artwork..  for example, Leslie McNeil's dog with her artwork!

3.  “I try to leave every room I enter a little bit better than how I found it.”  Leaving the World a Little Better.. article by Becoming Minimalist.

4.  I just discovered Ardith's Art Journal blog through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  I love these journal pages!!

5.  Pinterest Stress

Have a great weekend!
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Sticky Journaling... getting excited!

I'm getting excited for my summer of journaling with stickers.  I hope you will join me.  I already have enough people to send out sticker packets too, but if you missed that part of it, don't worry... there will be giveaways, link ups and guest posts. 

I ordered a bunch of stickers off of Ebay.  Japanese stickers are the best!

 Here are a few sneak peaks of my sticker journaling.  
All summer long I will be creating new pages and tutorials.

Can you find the stickers in this art journal page?


Pattie, from AlteredArtbyPattie, has created a sticker journal just for this challenge!  I'm so glad you're playing along.


Journaling from 21 Secrets

Here is another page from Cathy Bluteau's workshop from 21 Secrets.

And... I have the 5 people who will receive sticker packets for the Sticky Journals summer challenge.  Stay tuned.. in a few weeks we will start the sticky fun!!

Thanks for reading!  Best wishes, Marcia
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Funky Fabulous Etsy Shop: Jeni and Pats Beadhive

The fourth fabulous Etsy shop to share with you for the May Etsy Promotion!

Pat and Jeni are a mother and daughter team from Brisbane Australia. They create affordable, gorgeous bead art from inexpensive semiprecious gemstones, and beads. Check out these beautiful accessories.

Coming this Summer: Sticky Journals.. YOUR help needed!

Do you use stickers in your art journal?

I love stickers.
Fun labels make me happy.
I love patterned, colorful tape. 
Do you?

I have noticed that almost every art journal page I've made lately has included stickers, tape or labels in some way.

Coming this summer.... Sticky Journals art challenge!
Throughout the summer months, I will share with you each week journal pages that have sticky materials in them.  I will show you some homemade stickers, how to use stickers in artistic ways, doodling on top of stickers and more.  (this is totally free, not a paid class.. simply a casual blog series)

Materials for the Sticky Challenge:
  • colorful tape
  • labels
  • stickers
  • sticky borders
  • your journal
There will be weekly link-ups for you to add your sticky art journal pages!

I figured a blog series challenge would keep me focused and might create some excitement for the summer months!  Plus, stickers are so much fun.  When I was a kid, I even started a club called "Sticker Maniacs".  That didn't last very long, because the other members weren't as enthusiastic as I was.

Here is where I need your help:
I would like to include guest journalers in this series.  If you keep an art journal (or want to start) and you like stickers, then YOU are the person I'm looking for.

What I will do:  I will send you a small packet of random stickers (free of charge).  I have border stickers, labels, cute stickers, letter stickers, more cute stickers...  All you have to do is use a few of these stickers in an art journal page (or ATC.. or whatever) in a creative way.  Then, you will send me a photo (or write a blog post) and a few sentences about this artwork.  I will include your photo and description in a blog post for this Sticky Journals series (plus a shout out to your blog, of course).  The rest of the stickers are yours to keep.  Would you like to do this?  If so, send your email address and blog address to  I will send out 5 packets of fun stickers.

Childish?  A little.
Fun?  Absolutely!


Glue It Tuesday

Just a quick picture for Glue It Tuesday!
Sharing with Art Journal Every Day

Thanks for reading! Marcia
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Funky Fabulous Etsy Shop: Candykins

Candykins is a funky, fabulous Etsy shop run by Candice Barnes in Australia.  Her items are cute and quirky hand embroidered delights.  She also has a blog where you can follow her. 

Aren't these just the cutest?
Dress Up Doll Felt Broach
Rain Cloud Brooch
We Go Together Wall Art

Recent Journal Pages

I just finished Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown.  A lot of people have been recommending it.  I enjoyed it, but for me, it did not speak to me as much as other people had been raving about it.

Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors.  I recently read Keeping Faith for a book club.  We had a different approach to last month's club.  Each person read any book by Jodi Picoult and then they shared their book with the group.  Keeping Faith was fantastic, as were all the other books I have read by her.  It is about a girl named Faith who (after her parents separate) she begins talking to God, healing people and developing stigmata. 

Using the Crayon Transfer Technique in an Art Journal Page


Here is how I finished off this page after using the crayon transfer technique described here
Here was the BEFORE image:
Then, of course, I went crazy and stuffed the page full of color and images.

Here is the two-page spread:

Thanks for reading!  Best wishes, Marcia
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Funky Fabulous Etsy Shop: CacyCat Designs

The second Etsy shop I have to share with you through Denthe's Etsy promotion is CacyCat Designs.

She creates unique accessories inspired by Legos!  How fun!

Lego Hair Clips
Lego Cufflinks

Monopoly Hotel Earrings!

A Journal Page about Scribbling

"An incurable itch for scribbling takes possession of many and grows inveterate in their insane hearts." Juvenal

I submitted this art journal page along with another one for publication in a book for quotes.  I was excited when I found out that one of my artworks will be in the book.  The journal page above did not get selected, but I really like the mark making, scribbling, layering of colors and the quote. 

Sharing it with Glue it Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!  Best wishes, Marcia
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Color this Quote: May Art Journal Page

This art journal page was made for the Artists in Blogland Color this Quote challenge.

Thanks for reading!  Best wishes, Marcia
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Anatomy of an Art Journal Page #4

I thought it would be fun to "dissect" another art journal page.  Looking at such busy and full pages can leave you wondering what exactly was used to make the page.

Here is a diagram of parts of the journal page:

If you liked this post, check out:

Some of the supplies used in the page:

Funky Fabulous Etsy Shop

Thanks to the lovely Denthe and her idea to have an Etsy shop promotion, I have 5 Fabulous Etsy Shops to share with you.  I will post one per week in the month of May.

The 1st is Twisted Knits by Suze  
Her shop has lovely scarves, hair accessories, hats and yarn jewelry!

Right now, she is having a special:  SPECIAL - 25% off all purchases RIGHT NOW - just enter coupon code 25TWISTED at checkout for your discount! PLUS - Any purchase made entitles you to 20% discount off your next purchase within 6 months!

 Here are a few of my favorites from her store:

Love this one!

Thanks Suze and Denthe!