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My Collections--Part Three

Pile of playing cards with different pictures

Playing cards/trading cards with different pictures

Artist Trading Card binder

Artist Trading Card Binder

One page of Trading Cards by other artists

Page of trading cards by other artists

page of trading cards by other artists

Trading Cards

One last thing I have collected are trading cards and artist trading cards.  When I was little I collected all different types of trading cards... Garbage Pail Kids, baseball cards, New Kids on the Block cards and more.  I started collecting Artist Trading Cards about 10-15 years ago too.  Most art people now know what they are, but in case you don't, they are the size of a playing card and artists draw on them, collage them, paint, whatever they desire.  I have several hundred ATCs in my collection.

My Collections Part One; Autographs: is here
My Collections Part Two: Zines is here

My Collections-- Part Two

My Collections Part One-- Autographs is here.
My Collections Part Three-- Trading Cards is here.

Part Two:  Zines

I started collecting zines about 10-15 years ago.  Anytime I saw one in a bookstore, I would pick it up.  Zines are short for "magazines" and they are self-published and handmade.  They are little magazines that are about anything the author desires.  I have also ordered some off the internet and from friends/penpals who made them.

Artsy Zines

Black and white zines

Collages and Paintings

My Collections- Part One

I have had many collections throughout my life.  I think most artists have that desire to collect, record and document.  I am going to take you on a little journey of my various collections.  When I was little I collected stamps, stickers, postcards, trading cards and autographs.  What follows in this post is a portion of my AUTOGRAPH collection which I collected over the course of 3-4 years by writing letters.  I haven't collected many new autographs in the past few years.
Oprah Winfrey, Bette Midler
This one is from my Grandpa's collection.. he was also a huge collector.  Paul Newman!  Now I'm really wondering what happened to some of my other autographs, because I had another one with Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.. hmmmm.. what happened to that one?
This is Jodi Picoult, my favorite author.  If you haven't read any of her books, this one is awesome!  I heard her speak at a bookstore.  I probably have other signed books... will have to look through mine.

Brendan Fraser, Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Pesci
My favorite hosts... Casey Kasem, Pat Sajak, Vanna White.  I also have Alex Trebek, but unfortunately I framed it at some point and now have misplaced it.  :(
Mark Grace, Greg Maddux, Dwight Smith (baseball players)
Julio Iglesias and Barry Manilow-- these were given to me by my Grandpa, who was a flea market dealer and was a HUGE collector (packrat/hoarder.)

Do you recognize her?  She is Sarah Michelle Gellar, been in countless movies and was Buffy, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This was her when she was 15 years old and in a teen soap opera that I loved when I was a girl.  She wrote me a whole letter on the back! 
Artist Sandy Skoglund (saw her at the National Art Ed. Conference), Mike Peters cartoonist, Stan Goldberg (Archie), and Bil Keane (Family Circle cartoon)
Mort Walker (Beatle Bailey cartoon), Dana Summers cartoonist, Jim Davis, Eric Carle (author and artist)
This one was my favorite.  Dana Summers sent me this original cartoon layout from his cartoon "Bound and Gagged."  He has done other editorial cartoons and strips.  Don't google "bound and gagged" or you'll find all kinds of bad stuff, lol.   This was my favorite cartoon from the Sunday papers when I was a kid. 

Up next, be on the look out for My Collections-- Part Two:  Zines and Part Three:  Artist Trading Cards and Mail Art.

This is what democracy looks like!

Protests are still going on in my city against the crazy "budget repair bill" which I won't talk anymore about.  Just google Wisconsin Scott Walker and you will read all about it.  The doodle at the top is Scott Walker and he is saying "We need to give the tools to the local governments to manage their budgets.."

snippet of upcoming painting

Here is a snippet of my new collage that I am working on...


I'm also learning crocheting and trying different stitches.