Working on...

Working on some lettering now....  while watching fluffy tv shows.

Working on some collages... while sitting at our garage sale.

Women Artists

I would like to introduce to you some of my favorite women artists.  Molly, over at Her Speak, posted about some of her favorites. 

Without further introduction, here are some to get you thinking, exploring and looking.

Media:  Fiber, Mixed Media Installation
Status:  Alive

I just discovered her artwork this year.  She had a solo exhibit at the contemporary art museum here in Madison.  Her work is totally up my alley.

Media:  Installations, Photographs, Conceptual
Status:  Alive

I had the opportunity to hear her speak at an art convention and get her autograph and a photo taken with her.

This is so amazing, because it is not an artwork created by a computer, it is an actual scene made of cheese puffs! 

Media: Sculpture, Painting
Status:  Died in 1970

More to come later!!

Just Paint Now

I used a cut up watercolor painting, tape, and watercolors to make this page.

Art Saves

Hey, look!  I'm on Crescendoh!  I submitted an "Art Saves" story. 

Finished Mixed Media Painting

Farmer's Market, 2011, Mixed Media on Canvas, 20"x24"

I'm testing out the movie feature on my camera.  Here is a movie I made about my sketchbook.

Happy Paint Party Friday! I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's art.

Interview with Kesha Bruce

Today I am a stop on Kesha Bruce's blog hop.  I am interviewing her about her 6x6 Campaign, which looks like a really exciting way for artists to be proactive in bringing artwork to their community.  
What is the 6x6 campaign and what are your goals for organizing it? 
The entire idea for 6x6 was inspired by the question: What if there were no more art galleries? The answer, of course, is that artists would have to take complete control of their careers and learn to market and sell their own work.  6x6 is just one answer to how that can be done. 

Bu the ultimate goal for 6x6 isn’t just to produce six exhibitions.  The goal is to create a template for how artist can get together to organize their own exhibitions, and to create and promote their own opportunities.  We’re trying to lead by example.

Image from Baang+Burne October 2010 event "EveryDAY"

How can readers start something similar to this project, on a budget?
The key is to work together so that you work smarter not harder.  Social media makes advertising an event practically free if you know how to use it effectively.  Even if you have a teeny tiny budget you can work together to organize, publicize, and mount an exhibition.  Baang and Burne, my gallery, produced it’s first event for less than $300.  It can be done.
For artists that aren’t able to come to the workshops and panels that will take place during 6x6, we’re going to take the video footage, workshop notes, and podcast recordings and package it all up into an affordable, easily downloadable, guide to how independent artists can take and use to create their own exhibitions, festivals, or creative events in their own communities—no matter where they may be located.

What advice do you have for artists just starting? 
If you’re just starting out, your focus should be on creating LOTS of high quality work.  You should be working all the time.  Every day. The very first thing you need to do is establish a strong studio practice and structure your life in a way that allows you time to work constantly.  That’s really the only way to develop your own style and way of working.  There’s no point in looking for exhibition opportunities until you have a large body of work that’s a true reflection of your creative voice and vision. So get to work!

I’ll Fly Away #10 Mixed Media on Paper, 2008.
Kesha Bruce create works that combine painting and collage
to explore the connections between memory, personal mythology, and
magical-spiritual belief.

To hear more about 6x6, read Kesha’s weekly articles on art, art marketing, and
creativity, and to download a free copy of “The 5 Step Art Career Make-Over” visit her blog at
 website | studio blog | twitter | facebook

Hidden Gems

The full collage/doodle

Seth Apter is hosting a Buried Treasure blog hop.  Each participant reposts a really cool blog entry that they had posted a while back, that may have been buried after some time, a hidden gem of sorts.  This is my entry, which I had posted a while back at my other blog.  You can see all of the other hidden gems at his blog.
I was into some insane doodling here.... lots of watercolor paint, markers, sharpies, white paint markers, magazine cut outs and more.  I later ended up cutting this picture into pieces to use in other ways.

Detail-- I almost like the details more, because they are cropped more tightly. :)
     Speaking of doodles, this book, Oodles of Doodles, is a very fun book for kids.  I have this in my elementary art classroom and sometimes kids will take it out in their free time.  It is small, pocket-sized, but has a lot of pages.

Oodles of Doodles

I also enjoy this book, The Doodle Formula, which is fun for scrapbookers.  It is more like a booklet, but it has a lot of fun inspiration.  If you are interested in looking at it, I found mine at Michael's craft store. It doesn't have a lot of pages, so you might want to flip through it before you shell out the money for it. I have looked at it over and over for fun ideas.

Another book, which has not come out yet, but I am really looking forward to is Doodles Unleashed.
I have Traci Bautista's other book, which I look through all the time.

Two New

ORANGE:   Index Card a Day

scrapbooking/journal page

Linked to summer of color

Selling some vintage stuff

Hey!  I just wanted to let you know if you are interested that I am selling some vintage ephemera, a Somerset Wedding magazine and some scrapbooking things that I didn't use.  They are priced pretty cheaply on ebay.  I promise I won't spam you with posts about things I'm selling.   Things like this magazine:
You can see my ebay auctions here.

Dane County Fair

Here are a couple art journal pages from the Dane County Fair.  Linked here:  In the Sun

Dane County Fair

This weekend we went to the Dane County Fair and I wanted to share with you a few of the lovely animals we saw!
This one has such personality.

Look at the patterns on this rooster!!  Wouldn't it make a gorgeous line drawing or painting?

I love the colors on this rooster!  He's so animated!

Tea Journal Page

Linked to Inspiration Avenue and Summer of Color.  Not so happy with the results, but everything is a learning process, right?  I really enjoyed drawing the shape of the teapot, so maybe I will try some more. 

Mosaic Monday

Each Mosaic Monday, I post a mosaic of artwork from my flickr favorites.  These were created by OTHER ARTISTS and they are pieces that inspired me or spoke to me when I saw them.  You can click on the links below to take it to the artists' flickr account.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. The Reason Why, 2. The Serenity Prayer, 3. The Sky, 4. marathon3, 5. 聽說牠又帶來好消息, 6. Moonlight, 7. Close-Up, 8. carpet ride, 9. Travail sur tissu, 10. vulnerability, 11. tears, 12. Untitled


Welcome to everyone who is visiting my blog from Seth Apter's The Pulse.  I am shown there on the Sunday Style File post this week.

I would like to introduce myself to anyone who is new to my blog.  My name is Marcia Beckett and I am an elementary art teacher in Wisconsin. 

My other blog is dedicated to my art teaching career and is called  Vivid Layers.  On that blog,  I post all kinds of lesson plans and tips for teaching elementary school art.   Personally, I create lots of art in my free time.  I enjoy watercolor painting, doodling, lettering, acrylic painting and mixed media collage.  Here are a few samples of my artwork!  You can click on the links at the top of my blog to see other art I have made.

Watercolor doodle
Watercolor doodle

"Elemental", watercolor

"Botanical" Mixed Media Collage

Doodling with markers and paints

Scrapbook Page

Lettering with watercolors and markers

Art Journal page
Mixed Media Art Journal Page
A selection of journals
Greeting card lettering
I hope you've enjoyed visiting seeing some of my artwork.  Please leave a comment!  I'm always interested in meeting new art friends.

Elemental Watercolor

Materials:  Watercolor paints, contact paper

In Progress Watercolor Doodle

Finished Numbers

Hi there!  I finished up these numbers that I have been making.  I am making these for "This Week as Art" for the website Createmixedmedia.  Each week, they have a different artist make the calendar numbers for the top of their website.  The numbers will link back to my blog.  It is really cool to see how other people incorporate the numbers into their artwork.  My numbers will be on the website for the week of Sept. 4-10.


I'm also entering these on the butterfly effect.  We all have some things we "suck" at.   Mine is sewing straight and cutting straight.  I don't think I could ever be a quilt maker, even though I love how quilts look.  I don't have the patience for it.