Think Picture Given to My Mom

My mom loved her Think poster that I made for her.  Here is a picture of her opening her present:
My Mom opening her picture and my baby Daria looking on.

My mom with her picture.   Of course she loved it!  I think Moms are supposed to love anything their children make for them, though, right?  LOL.


Crystal said...

A gift from the heart handmade with love it the best gift of all. Your mother is very lucky to have a daughter like you! :-)

Jenny Petricek said...

Hi Marcia! Thanks for sharing this special moment with your mom! I bet she can't wait to hang this piece in her classroom and tell her students about her wonderful, talented daughter who made it!:-)

Unknown said...

yes that is a good mom mom always loves my art work. You have a very wonderful fun style I loved looking through several pages of your art blog. great work looks so fun and happy