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National Geographic has some interesting photos to use in art journals.  In college, I did a whole series of paintings based on octopi.

  • Don't forget if you would like to join us at Artists in Blogland for a Scavenger Hunt challenge, the current theme is Doors and Windows.
  • I recently bought Mindy Lacefield's sweet book of art.  It is chock full of her lovely paintings and poetry. It is like getting a personal look inside her art journal.  If you enjoy her artwork, I think you would really like this book.


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Stencil Girl Test Drive

I am honored to have been asked by the lovely Jessica Sporn if I would test a stencil from StencilGirl and show you the results. 

I use stencils once in a while in my artwork.  I usually don't use stencils of people or animals, I will just use patterns or designs.  So it was fun to step out of my comfort zone to try this new stencil.

StencilGirl sent me the Bubble Girl stencil.

I dug through my stash of paper and found this cool "bubble printed" paper I made two years ago.  I made a tutorial for bubble printing on my art education blog.

detail shot of the bubble printed paper

I used my ink pad to stamp through the stencil.  This ink pad has sections that can be easily removed for stamping.

Place the ink pad on the stencil and dab it up and down to push ink through the stencil.

Here is the bubble girl stenciled on the bubble paper.  I tore around the image of the girl.  I didn't like the red splotch that was on the paper, so I will cover it up later. 

I then set this image aside and prepared a background page.  I started with a white sheet of paper and stenciled another girl with bubbles using blue ink.  Magenta paint was smeared around the image.  Then, I tore photocopies of my artwork and some of my watercolor doodles and glued these on the paper.  

Then, I covered parts of this background with white paint, turquoise, magenta, and light blue paint.
Black lines were stamped with the edge of a piece of cardboard.  Star stamps were stamped on the upper right corner and black and white circles were stamped with a plastic lid and paint.

 Here is a closeup of the black stamped lines.

I painted white over the bubble girl to tone down the bright colors a bit.

Now go see what the other artist did with the Bubble Girl stencil!  But before you do, be sure to leave a comment here because Jessica is giving away a Bubble Girl stencil to one lucky winner, and EVERY comment in the test drive will be eligible to win.  The more times you comment, the more chances you have to win!

Jessica Sporn
YOU ARE HERE  Marcia Beckett

Dreamer Girl

This is an in progress painting...
thank you to Juliette Crane for introducing me to Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold paint for faces and to Mindy Lacefield for inspiration in the True Free Spirit course.

I still have a lot of refining to do in the background.  It just needs more "something."  

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How to Make Windows and Doors in Your Art Journal

Today is the start of Artist in Blogland's Scavenger Hunt Challenge. 
Visit Artists in Blogland to join in and link up with us.
  • Each month will be a different Scavenger Hunt theme!  
  • You will have the whole month of October to participate.  Link up an entry that fits the scavenger hunt.
  •  How is it a Scavenger Hunt?  You can interpret the challenge to be like a scavenger hunt.  
           1)  Take a photo that fits the theme
           2)  Make a new artwork inspired by the topic
           3)  Find an old artwork or blog post that incorporates the theme
           4)  Create a tutorial or respond in another way related to the theme.

The theme for the month of October is:


I decided to create some cut windows and doors for my art journal and take pictures along the way.

  • I used a separate piece of paper to practice cutting on.  I placed a cutting mat underneath the paper and used an x-acto knife to cut my windows.  The green stencil allows the cut to be straight and neat.

  • I cut square windows in a variety of sizes and a door.

  • I found some scrapbooking embellishments that fit around the holes pretty well! I glued those on to the paper.  

  • I added colored tape around some frames, some doodles with markers and more embellishments.

  • I found this old art journal page, which was ok, but I didn't love.  I tested out the windows by placing it on top of the journal page.  After seeing where the openings would be, I added the little instagram photo and a few of the texts.  

  •  After taping the window sheet onto my journal page, this is the end result.  I like that the top layer can be flipped open and you can see the bottom journal page as well.

  •  Here is a close-up shot of the windows.

  • and another detail shot.

  • And what it looks like with the little door opened.

  • If you don't want to cut all your own windows, another option is to take some old greeting cards with windows on them, trim them how you'd like and glue to your journal page.  

I hope you play along with us at the Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

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Art Journal Page with Paints, Marker and Collage

Here is a doodled page made with watercolor, acrylic, marker and a few collage papers.

Also, we are trying to spread the word about FEATURING magazine!!  FEATURING magazine released four issues but we notice that still a lot of people haven't heard of our magazine... in order to keep this awesome art publication alive and going, we have to spread the word and get more brand awareness so we can reach more customers. The release of the next issue depends on that.

Therefore, we decided to set up a special promoting CAMPAIGN, starting on October 21 with a big BANG. We hope to make some noise and we can do that with your help!

We've partnered with Thunderclap to promote the magazine and we ask all our friends and fans to help promote the magazine.

Thunderclap is an app that updates everyone's status or Twitter feed who have joined the particular thunderclap at the same time on the same day. It only happens once and won't spam your friends, but the end result is massive amounts of people are reached and the name of FEATURING magazine will be heard.
We have a little more than two weeks to reach our goal of 500 people that click the link and support FEATURING...

Are you a friend and fan of FEATURING? Then please visit our Thunderclap page and donate a tweet or Facebook status update to help us promote the magazine.

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