Watercolor Flowers with Ink

I prepared the watercolor blobs ahead of time and took them with on a long car ride.  I added the black lines with a Pilot Varsity Fountain Penand some Sakura Pigma pens.


This was a big weekend!  We took our first car trip with baby Desmond to Chicago and we threw a baby shower for my brother and his wife, who are due in September.  I'm so happy that they will be having a baby also and Desmond will be able to grow up with a cousin his age.  We also celebrated my mom's retirement and cousin's graduation.

Also, you may have heard about the same-sex marriage ban being overturned in Wisconsin.  My sisters-in-law got legally married this weekend!  They had a commitment ceremony several years ago, but now it is legal too.  Their story made it on the news and you can read it here.  

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These gelli print collages make me want to get out my Gelli plates to make some papers.

I love the contrast between the bright watercolors and black inky lines in these artworks.

I finished a new edition of my E-Zine called Art Journaling with Kids.  You can download it from my store on TPT. 

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denthe said...

such a fantastic idea! Just some watercolour blobs, and then you mnake these wonderful things out of it. Lovely work!

Hannah at The Lemon Hive said...

I love the contrast of these flowers. Did you draw the shapes out first or did you use the watercolour as inspiration? I am always so stumped when it comes to which way round to do it! :)

(and belated congrats on your sisters-in-laws! whoop!)


Marcia Beckett said...

I did not draw the shapes first. I just painted the blobs of watercolor and then when it dried I added the ink. Thanks for finding and stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

may I show this on my blog? P.

Anonymous said...

May I show this on my blog? P.