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What have you been doing in your art journal?

Sometimes I just like to make backgrounds if I don't feel like thinking too much!   On these pages, I tore pieces of scrapbooking papers and other random papers to create a frame.  I'm trying to leave a bit more white space than I have in other pages.

If you have read this far, what I do here the first Friday of every month is post up a "Just Journals" Linky.  Visual journals, written journals, scrapbooks... they all count as journaling. If you are reading from a blog reader you will have to pop on over to the actual blog post.

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My Guest Post for Artists in Blogland + 25% off coupon code for my Etsy shop

Today I am the host artist for Artist in Blogland's challenge:  Fall, Fearless and Fly.  Visit the website to add your link if you participate in the challenge and for a chance to win some great prizes!


Headline Prompt: Lifelong Fan:  What or who have you consistently valued or looked up to in your life?  What lessons have you learned from people you admire?
Color Prompt:  Your favorite color now or from childhood or both!
Quote Prompt:  "Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator; but among those whom I love, I can:  all of them make me laugh."  W.H.Auden

I created a mixed media art journal page using the headline prompt of people I looked up to.  I have always looked up to my teachers and especially my art teachers.  I had a professor in college who really encouraged me to pursue art as my major, although I had never thought I would be able to make art as a career.  I decided to major in art education and the professors I had were amazing.  The courses were really, really thorough, rigorous and grounded in art education theory as well as practical teaching strategies.  I don't think I would have been prepared at all for teaching without the education I received.  The art education professors I had were very professional and encouraged us to become involved in our own professional development.  They stressed the importance of being involved in art education associations on a state and national level.  With our art ed. classes, we traveled to many art workshops and art educator conferences. 

Several years ago, I bought a vintage art education textbook off of Ebay.  I cut out and photocopied two of the images to play around with while doing this challenge.  The first was a poem that read, "Of children so glad they 're learning to draw, are n't they the happiest ones you ever saw?"  The other was a row of children with the text reading "How many historical figures have we drawn?  Let us draw each other." 

The shell image I chose because one of my professors was a ceramicist who used shells in all of her work.  She would press the shells into the sides of her pots and use them as a textural element.  I think it had something to do with where she grew up.  Anyways, she came to my wedding (6 years ago) and as a wedding gift she gave me one of her lovely pots (with shell imprints on the sides) and it is sitting in our display cabinet in our living room. 

I think I have discovered a new theme to explore in my artwork:  creating art about teaching art to children!

 Prizes! Everyone who joins in will be entered to win fabulous goodies!  We'll randomly draw one name to win it all this week!  From Marcia, we have a packet of paper ephemera (vintage imagery, text, scrapbooking papers and embellishments).  You can check out all her goodies in her Etsy shop here

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Blue Moon Scrapbooking  has generously provided a $25 gift certificate for this week!  They have a wonderful selection of scrapbooking and mixed media supplies!  

In order to participate in this challenge, you need to head over to Artists in Blogland to add your artwork! 

Project Life Scrapbook Card Tutorial

The other night I decided to make some scrap cards that can easily be used in my Project Life scrapbook.  Many people use the Project Life system to scrapbook a layout a week.  There is no way I could ever keep up with that and if I did, I would end up with shelves and shelves of scrapbooks. So, I just use it as a regular scrapbook, adding things whenever I feel like it.

One way to save time is to pre-make a whole bunch of scrap cards.  Then, you can add a photo to them later with some journaling (if you want) and then be done with it.  Making the cards will go faster if you have all of your materials out at once and just make them in stages.

Project Life Scrap Card Tutorial

As you can tell, my scrapbooking style is like the rest of my art... hodge-podgy, random, not overly concerned with precision.  MORE IS MORE!

1.  Start with a piece of colored scrapbook paper, cut to the 4"x6" size.

2.  Here, I started to layer on strips of other scrapbook paper.

3.  I tore a piece of floral paper for the top and added a striped piece of colored tape at the bottom.

4.  The blue transparent flower tape was added and 
I used a variety of rub-on letters and patterns around the edges. 
A piece of black polka dotted tape was also placed in the middle.

5. Two more torn pieces of floral paper were added and a few more letter rub-ons.  I think that's enough stuff on this one!  So, now to use it in my scrapbook I will add a photo and a caption about the picture and then it's ready to go.

Here are several of my finished scrap cards.....

Now, add some photos and any other finishing touches.

Arrange your cards, plus any extra photos or journaling cards in your Project Life scrapbook.

I assume if you've read this far, you are really interested in Project Life.  Here are some more links to get you started:

 Project Life Printables (search for Project Life on Pinterest for TONS of ideas!)

Artists in Blogland Challenge #4

Headline Prompt:  Security:  What makes you feel safe and secure?  What rattles your sense of security?  Where do you go for comfort and refuge?
Color Prompt: 
Cool colors (blues, greens, violets, etc.) 
Quote Prompt: You can't make a place for yourself in the sun if you keep taking refuge under the family tree.  Helen Keller
 Tips for making your own journal page:
*  paint using ink on a piece of paper... cut out and adhere to your page
*  use painted papers to cut out and glue on your collage (I used Gelli plates)
*  type out a quote on your computer and put it in your journal
*  cut out a phrase from a children's book and glue in your collage
*  make a mini-photo to glue in your art journal.  Here the little photo is a picture I took on the road.  I altered it using a photo altering program online (picmonkey.com is a good one).  Then I put a whole bunch of photos into an 8x10" collage on walgreens.com and ordered the collage.  I ended up with a bunch of little photos that I could use in my art journal.  

Keep your eye on Artists in Blogland, because on Monday, I am the guest artist for the challenge!  Yeah, I know, I run the group, but it is still exciting to be asked by our hosts to be the artist for a prompt. :)  Thanks, Jessica and Carolyn!

Just playing around with Photoshop...

I was having fun in photoshop tonight.  Every once in awhile I will pick something new to learn to challenge myself.  Tonight I decided to learn how to make see-through letters.  I used one of my watercolor paintings for the background.

5 x 5 Collaborative Art Project

IMG_0511 by marciadotcom
IMG_0511, a photo by marciadotcom on Flickr.
I participated in Seth Apter's 5x5 collaborative art project. You can see some of the artwork on his blog today.

Participants were asked to make a 5" x 5" artwork responding to one of the following:

1. If your artwork could talk, what would it say?
2. Who has had the most impact on your creative life?
3. What is one thing you have never shared with the creative community?

(I answered question #1)

5 Fabulous Things

I found a few more fabulous things for you to enjoy.

1.  Are you a NO-REPLY BLOGGER?  You might be and not even know it!  If you are a no-reply blogger it is very very difficult for people to send you an email after you leave a comment.  Look at this tutorial to see how. Check to make sure that "show my email address" is checked in your profile settings, otherwise people can't reply to you.  I really want to respond to comments and this makes it possible!

2.  Help Everyday is a Holiday who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Jenny and Aaron make and sell the cutest paintings.  They were hit hard by the hurricane and are trying to rebuild.  They are having a sale in their shop to help raise money.  The pictures on their post about the hurricane are very telling.. very intense. At the bottom of that post is where you will find the link to their shop.

3.  Free Printable Journaling Tags from Creativity Prompt.

4.  I really like Sarah Giannobile's abstract paintings!

5.  Cassie Stephens awesome turkey outfit.  She is an elementary art teacher with the best handmade outfits.  Check out her blog.  amazing!

A Magical Place to Dream a Dream

Black Friday:  I had two really large canvases that have been sitting in my storage closet since *last* Black Friday.  For those of you outside the U.S., Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving (and now it is creeping into Thanksgiving) where stores have huge sales and "doorbuster" (really cheap) items to draw shoppers in. I don't really go shopping on Black Friday anymore ever since I saw the craziness (lunacy) at Toys 'R Us at midnight one Black Friday a couple years ago (sorry Karen and Kelly, I just can't do it.) Seriously, people were lined up OUTSIDE the store ... hundreds.  in the freezing cold.  at midnight.  When we got inside, the lines snaked around the entire store, up and down every single aisle.  It is craziness.  Anyways.. I digress.

However, MICHAEL'S arts and crafts store is awesome on Black Friday.  Most people go to other stores like Best Buy or Walmart, but really, if you are an art person there is no better day to go shopping at Michael's.  They usually have a 30% or 25% off your entire order, including sale items.. and tons of things are on sale too.  For the past couple of years, I have picked up a bunch of canvases for really cheap which will last me the whole year (and some I bring to school for large group student artwork.)  Plus, since everyone else is buying electronics, the lines really aren't long at all.

Back to the story of these bunnies.....
I wanted to use up one of these large canvases that had been sitting in storage, so I decided I would make a painting of a cute rabbit for my 3 year old's bedroom. Daria said she thought a painting of a rabbit would be nice.

First layers....
I started painting this large rabbit and after I painted it, I didn't like the composition.. plus it was just a large rabbit in the middle of the canvas.  My husband saw it and he exclaimed, "Holy rabbit!"

So, I told Daria that this was the mommy rabbit and she was going to give birth to three baby bunnies.

She watched me as I covered up the rabbit with white and light turquoise paint.  We sang, "Bye Bye Bunny Bye Bye."  She said, "Where did the rabbit go?"  And I explained that it was under the paint.

Painting over the rabbit....

These were the three bunnies that were born.  After the painting was finished, Daria asked several times where the Momma rabbit went.  I had to explain to her again that it was under the paint and  was secretly hiding behind the babies.
Bunnies that were painted instead...

detail of painting

Linking to Paint Party Friday and Artists in Blogland,
Check out:  In the Studio

Coloring Book

I just wanted to share with you this cool Doodlers Anonymous coloring book link. 
I have a drawing that is going to be in the coloring book!  I can't wait to see it.  (I haven't been paid to promote the book, I just wanted to share my good news!)

"The anticipated Volume II of the Doodlers Anonymous coloring book features the doodles and drawings of 60 artists from around the globe - some fresh novices, others seasoned veterans, all of whom share a love for the hand-drawn.

The coloring book ships in time for the holidays and is the perfect stocking stuffer for the young or young at heart.

The artwork is playful, beautiful and inspiring - not something off the shelf. So treat yourself, your family, and your faves to a little bit of happy!"

Here was my drawing!

The cover of the coloring book.  Doesn't it look fun?

Art Journal Video Flip-Through

Hello there!

I always love to see other people's videos of their sketchbooks.  I don't have the best video equipment, I just use my regular camera (it has a video feature).

Finishing a journal is so satisfying, right?

Each of my art journal sketchbooks takes several months to fill.  This particular journal I had a lot of fun with because it opens from both sides, as you will see in the video.  As I was working on the pages, I became confused at some points and worked on them upside down and you will see some of these when I flip the journal over.

*Edit*  I made this sketchbook myself. 
At this bottom of this post I explained how I reconstructed a sketchpad and brought it to Kinko's to bind. 

Here is another post I made when I bought my own binding tool to bind sketchbooks.

Enjoy the video!

5 Fabulous Things

1.  Wow!!  I'm so happy.  Jessica Sporn used the mosaic tutorial I posted to teach a group of kids.  This totally made my day!

2. This video by Jennibellie

3.  This great reminder about needing to have the last word.

4.  This installation of hanging rattles at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts.

5.  Process vs. Product when teaching art to kids

Fall Fearless and Fly: Third Challenge

I finally finished the third challenge for Fall Fearless and Fly.  I like to have prompts to kind of lead me in a direction. 

The prompts for this challenge were:
Headline Prompt:  Triumphs and Defeats:  What do you see as your greatest triumphs or defeats?  What have they taught you?  Which have you learned more from?
Color Prompt: 
Black and white
Quote Prompt:
Not in the clamor of the crowded street, not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but in ourselves, are triumph and defeat.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

You can choose any or all of the prompts for your page.  I chose to use only the color prompt and make a collage using black and white painted papers.  

I enjoyed using only black and white.  It was much different than the artwork I have recently been making.  The collages and art journal pages I have recently made have been BURSTING with color.  I do love color, but this collage forced me to consider shape, line and value more.

Check out these fun places:  Paint Party Friday, Art Every Day Month and Art Journal Every Day

Painted Paper Mosaic Tutorial

Several people asked me how I made this mosaic, so I thought I would show you through a tutorial. 

Painted Paper Mosaic Tutorial

Here is the colorful painted paper mosaic that I made last night!

1.  Gather a pile of colorful painted scraps.

2.  Cut out shapes of different kinds and glue them as close together as possible.  Try to cut and place them so that they fill in the space without major gaps. It's like putting together a puzzle!

Cut out more and more shapes from scrapbook papers, other patterned papers, painted scraps you have lying in your stash and fill your page.

Here is the page full of cut and pasted shapes.

3.  Fill in any remaining spaces with watercolor paints, colored pencils or markers.  I made sure to leave small outlines of white between the shapes.

4.  Another way to add details and embellishment is to take a white-out pen and draw on top of the shapes.  I added dots and doodles.

Here is the finished artwork again: