5 Fabulous Things

1.  Wow!!  I'm so happy.  Jessica Sporn used the mosaic tutorial I posted to teach a group of kids.  This totally made my day!

2. This video by Jennibellie

3.  This great reminder about needing to have the last word.

4.  This installation of hanging rattles at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts.

5.  Process vs. Product when teaching art to kids


Unknown said...

Thanks Marcia! The kids LOVED making a mosaic collage in their journals. They said it was their favorite technique EVER! So thank you for sharing it.

janice smith said...

I am lovin' your blog! So beautiful and full of fun stuff! So glad I popped over from AEDM.

janice smith said...
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Beverley Baird said...

An excellent choice of finds! Especially love the last - process vs. product..
That has been one of my pet peeves - that cookie cutter/colouring book art is put in place of exploration and creativity. Children can all have the same task - but each needs to work out their own process. Our last week's challenge was a paper witch. Each student wrote a 3 word poem on their witch and then had to create their witch based on their poem. What creativity, fun and ubnusual witches!