Art Journal Pages

Hello all!  I neglected to mention that the bottom artworks in my last blog post were created by two of my elementary school students!  oops!  That is now corrected on the previous blog post.  They are delightful artworks that I thought would be fun to share.

Here are a couple art journal pages that I had worked on here and there over the course of a couple months.  I think they are now done.  at least.. I am done with them!

Look at what Mary C Nasser said about being a part of the Mapping It Out article that I wrote.  So glad that I have this awesome opportunity to write for Featuring magazine.


Fallingladies said...

Love that little bird in the middle piece, so cute and bright!

GlorV1 said...

Excellent journal pages. Thanks for sharing.

bellefrogworks said...

Those pages really reveal your inner child - they are lovely, colorful and project something innocent