Paint Party Friday

Here is the collage I posted last week, with a few new additions.

One of my "watercolor doodles"
Watercolor page with writing on it

My little artist hard at work!

Old Art Journal Pages

Julie from Balzer Designs is going to write a little blog post feature about me!  I'm so excited.  Anyways, I was looking for one of my old art journal sketchbooks (for the post) and found some pages to upload.  Here are some of my first pages, from about 2004.

This is the cover of the journal.  I painted a whole bunch of pieces of paper with watercolor paints, cut them to size and then had it spiral bound at Kinko's. 
The cut out letters are made into a postcard.  I used to make postcards and swap them when I was a kid.  This was a left over card I had, then I tied it to this journal.  The picture of the cat was a cat that my roommate and I babysat in college for a week.

This page I made when I was in my altered playing card phase.  This was one of the playing cards I had made for a swap.

Paint Party Friday

If you haven't checked out Paint Party Friday, you're missing out on some fun!

Here is a mixed media collage that I had been working on a while ago and just yesterday
I added a few new layers of sections. 

two watercolor flowers on transparent paper.  I will be adding these to a collage at some point.

ink drawn flowers that I will add watercolor to after the fixative dries.  Then these will also be added to a collage.

And, remember those other two pictures that were in progress from last week?  Here they are with a few additions:

Owl added.  Sometimes I add things or change things up a bit and then after I do so, I'm not sure I should have done it.  This one doesn't seem balanced or interesting enough.  The empty space next to the giraffe on the left?  Or maybe the layout is too predictable? I don't know.

                                                More doodles at bottom.  Not sure if it helped the composition at all.

New Scrapbook Pages

I used color copies of some watercolor paintings behind these pictures.

Paint Party Friday!

Here are three pieces that I've been working on.  The last one is finished, the first two are in progress.

Dear Diary...

Here's pics of my new "diary"... just a small square blocked off and any day I feel like writing in it, I will write snippets of the day... small lists. notes of the day. what I'm reading. what I'm eating. etc.    Some days are just for painting and doodling..

Mini Collage

Made with patterned paper, watercolored paper and a watercolor flower on vellum.  The white spots were done with a white gel pen.

Paint Party Friday

"Elemental", watercolor paints

In progress journal page.. this is all watercolor.  I will probably do some lettering on the colored lines. 
in progress.. watercolor and collage journal page... need to doodle with paint markers!

If you haven't checked out Paint Party Friday, you're missing out on some fun!

Art Journaling

Art Journaling

This is my take on the Sketchbook Challenge theme of the month:  Branching out.. Here is my branching out into incorporating stamps into my painting.  I used the fun foam sheets and cut out designs with a regular scissors.  You can also press into the pieces with a pencil. Then, I rolled printing ink onto the pieces with a brayer and then flipped them over onto my paper.  The orange in the middle was already there.  Then I rubbed the back of the foam pieces hard to make sure the ink had pressed onto the paper.  Finally, when that was dry I added more yellow watercolor over the whole thing and then some red watercolor strokes as well. Stamps are something I don't often incorporate into my painting, so that is my experience with branching out into new media.  This is a really easy process that I think would also be great to do with my elementary art students.   Awesome!  

Paint Party Friday

mini wine bottle-- watercolor

wine bottle/ picture from newspaper... I don't know why all of my portraits end up looking the same!

doodle page

watercolor...  "another world"

Here is what I've been up to this week.  The top two are basically sketches, not too happy with them, but I thought I'd show you what I've been doing this week for Paint Party Friday!

Oh!  And my little girl painted this week too: