Old Art Journal Pages

Julie from Balzer Designs is going to write a little blog post feature about me!  I'm so excited.  Anyways, I was looking for one of my old art journal sketchbooks (for the post) and found some pages to upload.  Here are some of my first pages, from about 2004.

This is the cover of the journal.  I painted a whole bunch of pieces of paper with watercolor paints, cut them to size and then had it spiral bound at Kinko's. 
The cut out letters are made into a postcard.  I used to make postcards and swap them when I was a kid.  This was a left over card I had, then I tied it to this journal.  The picture of the cat was a cat that my roommate and I babysat in college for a week.

This page I made when I was in my altered playing card phase.  This was one of the playing cards I had made for a swap.

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milkcan said...

Looking forward to featuring you! And these old pages are so fun and colorful! Glad you're on board for May! :)