Art Journaling

This is my take on the Sketchbook Challenge theme of the month:  Branching out.. Here is my branching out into incorporating stamps into my painting.  I used the fun foam sheets and cut out designs with a regular scissors.  You can also press into the pieces with a pencil. Then, I rolled printing ink onto the pieces with a brayer and then flipped them over onto my paper.  The orange in the middle was already there.  Then I rubbed the back of the foam pieces hard to make sure the ink had pressed onto the paper.  Finally, when that was dry I added more yellow watercolor over the whole thing and then some red watercolor strokes as well. Stamps are something I don't often incorporate into my painting, so that is my experience with branching out into new media.  This is a really easy process that I think would also be great to do with my elementary art students.   Awesome!  

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