a little of this, a little of that....


in progress lettering, art journaling

in progress kitchen watercolor...   suggestions please...


little face sketches...

just a few things...

Just a few things I've been working on... art journal pages.. nothing too substantial....  I need to start a big canvas again soon!

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 This above page was made in August.. the end of summer.  

This page was inspired by Daisy Yellow's overlapping collage style. These were all items, including the picture of the woman, that I found in the hallway on the floor at the school I teach at.  The picture of the woman was from a napkin. 


what's on your workdesk??

Watercolor painting....

journal page

Trying to salvage a good page gone bad

How do YOU salvage a page when it is not going in the direction you'd like?  Do you just toss it?  Do you make the most of it and then move on?  I started with a watercolor doodle:

And then, I added some black ink, white scribble paint and then it just got out of control.  I ended up covering up large parts of it with other papers and magazine pictures.  Oh well!  Sometimes you just keep going with your pages and see where they take you.

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I've been doing a really fun project with my students at school:  STRING BALLS.  (that's my other blog about teaching art).  You make them by blowing up a balloon and covering the balloon with yarn dipped in glue.  Here are some of the pics from that project:


Here is a stack of my art journals, sketchpads and watercolor blocks that were in my work area now.

Seth Apter has a call for artists' paper stacks. Wednesday is the day when all the stacks will be linked to his blog.  Submit your stack too!

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Team Unicorn

Go Team Unicorn!!  Happy Birthday Amy!

Blue Sketchbook Page Collage

Watercolor Doodles

 Watercolor painting in sketchbook, 9x12"

Art journaling background made with watercolor paints

Art journaling backgrounds made with watercolor paint

Paper Weaving



Painted Journal Page Progression

The background started like this:

Water was added to soften the markers.

Collage elements were added:

Doodling and outlining to finish it off:

Here is another fun page I painted:

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Name Design

Circle Doodles

My numbers!

My numbers for the calendar feature are up at Create Mixed Media this week.  Check them out.