Experimenting with Lettering

My Mojo Monthly!  Letters provide endless inspiration for art.  There are so many ways you can experiment with lettering and writing.  Embellishments and swirls are fun to play with.  I've been pinning lettering examples on Pinterest.  Check them out here.   

You can join my flickr group called Lettering Love for more inspiration and to share your art.


Unknown said...

very nice...I love swirls Too !

Anonymous said...

Woo. Now even more journaling and lettering goodness on Pinterest! (I just followed EVERYTHING of yours).

oh fun.

Now, I must.go.look.

Sarah said...

Your swirly lettering is wonderful and even lovelier with that splash of colour. Been peeking around...our journals are looking just fabulous and so expressive! Thanks so much for sharing with My Mojo Monthly!