Sketchbook Flip

I finished a flipping, folding sketchbook.  I really enjoy things with movement and interaction.  Here is a video to show you the pages!

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Cabinet of Curious Things #2

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Zines in the mail!

I used to collect zines voraciously and haven't bought too many recently.  I decided to treat myself to some fun art zines this year.  I decided to purchase zines from 2 of the artists who I regularly enjoy reading their blogs.  First, I bought three by Andrea Joseph.  Her drawings are just amazing!  Here is her etsy shop. 

Yesterday, I received two more zines in the mail from Natalie Malik of Awkward and Beautiful.   I thoroughly enjoy her blog posts about art journaling.

I LOVE getting fun mail!

Coloring Page

I made a coloring page!  I am submitting this to the Doodlers Anonymous call for artwork for their coloring book.  How cool would that be to have artwork in a coloring book?   Also, I know this coloring page is a bit zany for a coloring book, but Doodlers Anonymous has a lot of really funky, edgy drawings so I'm not worried about that!

Cabinet of Curious Things #1


Ooh-la-la!  Thanks Denise for sharing this awesome online filtering program.  I am amazed and excited.  Pixlr-o-Matic is the place.  You can download to your fancy phone if you have one of those or you can use it on your computer.  Oh, I'm excited now.  Check this out:







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The theme at Inspiration Avenue challenge team this week is Butterflies.  I love butterflies and they make their way into many of my artworks.  Just this week I was painting them and using them in my art.

This is a closeup of a mixed media collage I am working on.  It's not totally finished yet. The butterfly I painted with watercolors and black ink.

Here's another part of that mixed media collage.

I've been reading everyone's blogs about choosing one word for the year, instead of coming up with resolutions.  Many people have words such as courage, joy, etc.  My word is balanced, because I need to make sure I balance all aspects of my life... family, work, art, exercise, church, etc.  And it includes a butterfly!  The "C" is a bit funky and after I used the rub on letters it was a bit too late unless I wanted to redo the whole word, so I just left it as it was.  oh well.

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What's on my workdesk this week?

What's on your workdesk this week?

Journal Pages

 I have been starting my pages by laying down pale pastel washes of paints.  Then, building up from there.

Quotes are always making their way into my art journal pages.  The above quote is from a passage in the Bible that we read at church this week.  
There are some parts of quotes in the above journal page as well.  Do you recognize Picasso's dove?  That was from a Christmas card I got this year.  The Butterfly Effect's challenge this week is to show some art with quotes in it. 

Omg photo filters

I really love the look of those Instagram photos.. but alas, I do not own any sort of fancy phone and probably will not splurge for one of those soon.  I did some googling and found two places to do photo filtering online.  The first is omg photo filters

Look what I did here:  x-pro filter, and border

Picnik is another favorite of mine.. Here I used winterize and polaroid border.  Picnik is awesome because it is a complete photo editing program online.  There are all kinds of free things you can do to your photos, add text and borders, make collages.  Then you can upgrade to Premium and get more filters and fun stuff.  I have been very tempted to upgrade, but just haven't done it yet.

Do you know of any other places?

Bright Shiny Days

Painting and Featuring Magazine call for artwork

Featuring Magazine Call For Artwork
We extended the date and the theme for the theme gallery
of the first issue. ‘Applause’ seemed too narrow and rather
difficult for people to get inspired.
The deadline for submissions is now February 29
Find all the info on the website here

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Finished Mixed Media Painting

Here's the painting I've been working on for a few weeks.  It is mostly acrylic craft paints.  I realized I need to replenish my supply of better quality paints.  I added details with poster paint markers and white out pens.

Do you remember the before???  Yep, it totally changed!
Detail shots:

paint palette

paint palette
Palette & Paint Thursday is a super cool mash-up of paintings with the pictures of the palettes used!