Omg photo filters

I really love the look of those Instagram photos.. but alas, I do not own any sort of fancy phone and probably will not splurge for one of those soon.  I did some googling and found two places to do photo filtering online.  The first is omg photo filters

Look what I did here:  x-pro filter, and border

Picnik is another favorite of mine.. Here I used winterize and polaroid border.  Picnik is awesome because it is a complete photo editing program online.  There are all kinds of free things you can do to your photos, add text and borders, make collages.  Then you can upgrade to Premium and get more filters and fun stuff.  I have been very tempted to upgrade, but just haven't done it yet.

Do you know of any other places?


Carolyn Dube said...

Your little one has such a magical smile! I can get lost in filters - spend hours just playing with them! Love how the feeling of a photo changes with the filters. Don't know of any other online ones, but know lots who use Picnik.

Marcia Beckett said...

Thank you! Yep, I think she is adorable :) I love the filters too, they are so fun.

Kelly Warren said...

Oh wow! isn't that omg fun to play with! I use a lot of textures/filters in my photography. You can find tons of free textures on Flickr. Just search "free textures." I'm on Flickr at kellynwarren. Love your art journal pages!