Project Life Scrapbook Card Tutorial

The other night I decided to make some scrap cards that can easily be used in my Project Life scrapbook.  Many people use the Project Life system to scrapbook a layout a week.  There is no way I could ever keep up with that and if I did, I would end up with shelves and shelves of scrapbooks. So, I just use it as a regular scrapbook, adding things whenever I feel like it.

One way to save time is to pre-make a whole bunch of scrap cards.  Then, you can add a photo to them later with some journaling (if you want) and then be done with it.  Making the cards will go faster if you have all of your materials out at once and just make them in stages.

Project Life Scrap Card Tutorial

As you can tell, my scrapbooking style is like the rest of my art... hodge-podgy, random, not overly concerned with precision.  MORE IS MORE!

1.  Start with a piece of colored scrapbook paper, cut to the 4"x6" size.

2.  Here, I started to layer on strips of other scrapbook paper.

3.  I tore a piece of floral paper for the top and added a striped piece of colored tape at the bottom.

4.  The blue transparent flower tape was added and 
I used a variety of rub-on letters and patterns around the edges. 
A piece of black polka dotted tape was also placed in the middle.

5. Two more torn pieces of floral paper were added and a few more letter rub-ons.  I think that's enough stuff on this one!  So, now to use it in my scrapbook I will add a photo and a caption about the picture and then it's ready to go.

Here are several of my finished scrap cards.....

Now, add some photos and any other finishing touches.

Arrange your cards, plus any extra photos or journaling cards in your Project Life scrapbook.

I assume if you've read this far, you are really interested in Project Life.  Here are some more links to get you started:

 Project Life Printables (search for Project Life on Pinterest for TONS of ideas!)


enthusiastically, dawn said...

Love the scrap cards! I do Creative Memories so have not dabbled into Project Life! Love your inspiration!

Carolyn Dube said...

Your scrap cards are such a fun way to scrapbook- with a very artistic feel to it too! Thanks for the tutorial!