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I was asked to participate in this artsy blog hop by the lovely Zoe Ford.  Her artwork is bright, bold, colorful and fun like the style I enjoy working in.   Here are the three questions + my answers.  At the bottom, I am linking to three more awesome artists who will be answering these questions next week.

1. How does my creative process work?

It depends on what I am making.  Often I will see something online that will spark my interest and I will try that particular technique.  Or, I might see something compositionally that I want to try in my own style.  Many times, I will just choose some images and papers from my stash and play around with them until I find an arrangement for a collage that I like.

2.  How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Hmm... that's hard to say.  My artwork is usually very colorful.  I love color and I love artwork that is crazy full of lots to look at.  I teach elementary art my style often has child-like or playful imagery.

3.  What am I working on now? 

Currently I have no series or big projects going on.  I try to sneak in little bursts of creative moments when I have time.  I pick up my art journal and will use watercolor paints if Desmond is sleeping.  If he is awake, I can put him on my lap and use markers or dry collage.  

I have been working on some things for school and products for my TPT shop such as these posters and this Art Journaling with Kids E-Zine.

I have also been experimenting with different online companies to print greeting cards and postcards.  I have tried (the greeting cards were not very crisp, but the company gave me a full refund.  The postcards they sent were glossy and nice.)  Mixbook was much better.   Still not perfect, but better.

Now, I have three blogs for you to visit.  I met these girls on an artists Facebook group!  

1.  I love the textures and soft color palette in Julia Sears Osterc's artwork:  Lovingrd
2.  Lynnette Cretu's art has beautiful lettering of scriptures. 
3.  Donna L. Martin creates some lovely layered and textured mixed media work.

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Zoe said...

Thanks so much for playing along, Marcia! I really enjoyed reading your post and I'm swooning over the photos, particularly the 2nd one :)