Art Journal Page with Paints, Marker and Collage

Here is a doodled page made with watercolor, acrylic, marker and a few collage papers.

Also, we are trying to spread the word about FEATURING magazine!!  FEATURING magazine released four issues but we notice that still a lot of people haven't heard of our magazine... in order to keep this awesome art publication alive and going, we have to spread the word and get more brand awareness so we can reach more customers. The release of the next issue depends on that.

Therefore, we decided to set up a special promoting CAMPAIGN, starting on October 21 with a big BANG. We hope to make some noise and we can do that with your help!

We've partnered with Thunderclap to promote the magazine and we ask all our friends and fans to help promote the magazine.

Thunderclap is an app that updates everyone's status or Twitter feed who have joined the particular thunderclap at the same time on the same day. It only happens once and won't spam your friends, but the end result is massive amounts of people are reached and the name of FEATURING magazine will be heard.
We have a little more than two weeks to reach our goal of 500 people that click the link and support FEATURING...

Are you a friend and fan of FEATURING? Then please visit our Thunderclap page and donate a tweet or Facebook status update to help us promote the magazine.

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