Mosaic Monday

A bit of inspiration for you from my flickr favorites....  Visit the links below to see the original artists' works.

1. Last Pathway, I think..., 2. Sequenzen, 3. la jument bleue, 4. Sweet Nothings, 5. Keep Calm & Journal It Out., 6. Beaks 2011, 7. Quickly sketches: café, 8. venice, 9. 20110617, 10. mask blue sm, 11. the group, 12. lovely day + smile day


Jenny Petricek said...

Wow...what awesome eye candy! I love when you take the time to add these snippets of other artists' creations to your's so nice sometimes to go off the beaten path and check out some blogs I've never visited! It's so intriguing to see what it is that inspires you in your work....colors, textures, design, etc.

Thanks also for leaving such kind remarks about my upcoming publication! It made my day!:-)

Marcia Beckett said...

Thanks! It doesn't take too long. I should do it more. I used You're welcome! Congrats again.