Interview with Kesha Bruce

Today I am a stop on Kesha Bruce's blog hop.  I am interviewing her about her 6x6 Campaign, which looks like a really exciting way for artists to be proactive in bringing artwork to their community.  
What is the 6x6 campaign and what are your goals for organizing it? 
The entire idea for 6x6 was inspired by the question: What if there were no more art galleries? The answer, of course, is that artists would have to take complete control of their careers and learn to market and sell their own work.  6x6 is just one answer to how that can be done. 

Bu the ultimate goal for 6x6 isn’t just to produce six exhibitions.  The goal is to create a template for how artist can get together to organize their own exhibitions, and to create and promote their own opportunities.  We’re trying to lead by example.

Image from Baang+Burne October 2010 event "EveryDAY"

How can readers start something similar to this project, on a budget?
The key is to work together so that you work smarter not harder.  Social media makes advertising an event practically free if you know how to use it effectively.  Even if you have a teeny tiny budget you can work together to organize, publicize, and mount an exhibition.  Baang and Burne, my gallery, produced it’s first event for less than $300.  It can be done.
For artists that aren’t able to come to the workshops and panels that will take place during 6x6, we’re going to take the video footage, workshop notes, and podcast recordings and package it all up into an affordable, easily downloadable, guide to how independent artists can take and use to create their own exhibitions, festivals, or creative events in their own communities—no matter where they may be located.

What advice do you have for artists just starting? 
If you’re just starting out, your focus should be on creating LOTS of high quality work.  You should be working all the time.  Every day. The very first thing you need to do is establish a strong studio practice and structure your life in a way that allows you time to work constantly.  That’s really the only way to develop your own style and way of working.  There’s no point in looking for exhibition opportunities until you have a large body of work that’s a true reflection of your creative voice and vision. So get to work!

I’ll Fly Away #10 Mixed Media on Paper, 2008.
Kesha Bruce create works that combine painting and collage
to explore the connections between memory, personal mythology, and
magical-spiritual belief.

To hear more about 6x6, read Kesha’s weekly articles on art, art marketing, and
creativity, and to download a free copy of “The 5 Step Art Career Make-Over” visit her blog at
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