Faith Greeting Card

Another greeting card showing off my new colorful lettering style.   I'm not as happy with this one, but oh well! I'm making a whole series of these cards and I think I'm going to photocopy them for Christmas.  I'm really enjoying doing this funky lettering thing. It just so happens that one of my long time friends from high school has 2 girls named Faith and Hope so I am going to make them a name poster similar to this.  Well, she also has a boy named William, so he will get one too, but that's not a Christmas word.   I also have to share with you the butterfly effect.   I really enjoy Amy and Mel's honest, funny and casual writings about the true nature of art and how they create.  It's so true and also entertaining reads.  I'm linking this one up to the Butterfly Effect.


Crystal said...

Love your lettering! :-)

Marit said...

I found you through 'Artsee bloggers' and I love your art journal pages! The lettering is awesome too!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Oh, I love this! I would actually frame this card if I received it. :) Really awesome style you have here. :)

mel said...

oooh! i LOVE this lettering! i'm always dead jealous of people who can do beautiful and fun letters....;)

i'm sure your friend will be thrilled to receive these for her girls.

thanks for linking us up!!


Unknown said...

This is the FOURTH time i've come back to try and leave you a comment on the FOURth day in a row.

I left you long and insightful comments the first couple of times but now i feel discouraged :)
I'm thinking all of my important words are now lost forever
(they weren't terribly important. i think i wanted to swap with you - i'm all flustered over typing this again)
I will hit post.
Let's see how it goes.

Unknown said...

it went!!!!!!!
i will think of funner and more insightful things!!!!

Marcia Beckett said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! Amy, you're too funny. That's so weird that it kept deleting the comments. boo! Mel, you're welcome! It's a fun group you are making.