My Collections-- Part Two

My Collections Part One-- Autographs is here.
My Collections Part Three-- Trading Cards is here.

Part Two:  Zines

I started collecting zines about 10-15 years ago.  Anytime I saw one in a bookstore, I would pick it up.  Zines are short for "magazines" and they are self-published and handmade.  They are little magazines that are about anything the author desires.  I have also ordered some off the internet and from friends/penpals who made them.

Artsy Zines

Black and white zines


Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, man, I have missed out on some great zines!! I have made it my goal this year to make my own zine. They combine two things I love to do--write and art. YAY!

Thanks for sharing your collection.

Julee said...

All of your collections are wonderful! I am inspired by them all. Thanks so much for sharing.

Seth said...

What a great collection, one I am sure you can come back to again and again and discover new things each time!