Sticky Journals: Inspiration for Using Stickers in Art Journals

Do you have lots of stickers?  Do you love colored tape and sticky embellishments as much as I do?  If so, you should join me in my Sticky Journals challenge.  This summer, I will show you lots of art journal pages with stickers!  

Starting next week:
  • link ups for you to share your artwork using stickers, tape and labels
  • guest artists
  • tutorials and techniques
  • lots of inspiration
  • and sticker giveaways! 
To get your inspiration flowing, here are a few ideas and photos of awesome sticker art I found.

Use fruit stickers as a background in a collage

Image via Pinterest

 Create a sticker collage within a shape

Brontosaurus by Bsummer via Flickr

Use washi tape as frames


Do you have your stickers ready?

Best wishes, Marcia

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1 comment

Anne Macachor said...

I love the idea of using stickers to form a shape or figure. I can definitely use this. Thanks!