What do you write in your art journal pages?

What do you write in your art journal pages?

I don't share all of my "working" art journal pages, because they're not as pretty.. they are more to serve an immediate purpose and often have to-do lists that I cross out.  Sometimes I paint over the words if they are no longer needed.

In these art journal pages.....
  • project ideas for my classroom
  • names of art supplies
  • blog post brainstorming
Other ideas for writing that pop up in my pages from time to time...
  •  to do lists
  •  goals
  •  notes from magazines that I browse through at bookstores
  •  quotes from books that I am reading
  •  lists of characters and plots in complicated fictional books that I am reading
  •  overheard words and phrases
  •  text cut from a magazine or book
  •  words that strike me as interesting or compelling at the time
  •  notes from a church sermon
  •  key points from a lecture or meeting
  •  song lyrics
  •  questions I have
  •  funny things that I've heard 
  •  websites that someone tells me about
  •  phrases that are more like poetry


enthusiastically, dawn said...

I love this and OF COURSE I implore for you to join in Friday (midnight) for Random Journal Day- I know that these pages will inspire others and also help them to get some great ideas! Lovely! Thank you for sharing these - the behind the scenes pages so to speak) of your journal pages!

artfullycarin@gmail.com said...

Love this. I often do lists that I don't show, like what I love right now, book lists, what have you. I also do days in our lives pages and the like that I rarely show, but is there as a reminder for me down the line. Song lyrics that inspire me. That sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't write that much in my art journal, usually just a few words or a phrase but I enjoy how you connect all your words with your small drawings throughout your pages....xox

Unknown said...

Con o senza scritte le tue pagine parlano all'anima!