Artist Inspiration

I love these artworks by Gretchen Ebersol!

Mizue Hirano is another fave.

Also these by Janice Lowry.

Meri Cherry has awesome kid's art

Love Maya Huyak's art!

Tilleke Schwarz= awesome.

Today was a not-so good day.  I got rear-ended and my car is smashed.


Georgie Horn said...

OH darn, all this cute art and then a SMASH. Best wishes, come by and check out this blog posting for a laugh..

Susan said...

Ouch! Sorry. A crunch can reck the best day.

Anonymous said...

Love your art choices, Tilleke has been a fave for a long time. Hate that your car got smashed, hope you are okay, pooh! xox Corrine

Emma said...

Hello, welcome to my blog, thanks for joining!

Lovely bright work you do. The top pic is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm enjoying checking out your blog.

Unknown said...

Some fab inspiration there will keep me busy for awhile :)
Oh no about your car, at least your ok.