Project Life

Well, I jumped on the Project Life bandwagon.  Some people are using the system to document every day of their year, doing one week per spread.  I don't have the time for that.  Well, I could, but then I would have to cut out other things to make time for it, and I definitely don't want to stop playing Words with Friends or watching tv.  I thought it would be a faster, easier way to scrapbook.  And it is easier.  But I'm finding that it takes just as much time, because I am cutting every picture and adding all kinds of doo-dads.  I'm having fun digging in to use up all my leftover scraps.  Maybe I will finally make a dent in all the paper I have stashed.

This is all about the protests at the capitol in Madison, WI.  My hubby is a news reporter and our lives were consumed by this for several months!  On the bottom right you can see a picture of him interviewing the governor.

And here's a too-cute picture I just had to share.  Daria loves her blanket and carries it all over the house. She wears it like a hooded cape quite often.

Then she likes to cover herself up and hide on the floor.

Here are some detail shots from my Project Life pages....  I think I'm now going to refer to it as Project Beckett (my last name)


GlorV1 said...

Oh how very interesting Marcia. I sure wish I had the time for that too. Looks great and it will be wonderful to look back at the end of the year. Way to go! Have a great weekend.

Priya said...

Very nice collage, and great pictures!

Jenny Petricek said...

I've been following Project Life on Ali's blog for quite awhile. As teachers, we both know how little time there is during the typical work week to put together art or scrapbooking projects; I like how the compartmentalized page protectors Ali uses divide layouts into smaller, quicker-to-create spaces. I love your layouts here...esp. the protest pics, of course! :-)

Marcia Beckett said...

Thank you! I think it is really fun, because I can quick make a card and put it in when I have a free second. Yes, there is very little free time, but I try to spend an hour every night or so after my daughter goes to bed to unwind and make art!