A visit to EPIC-- Part One

This week, I went on a field trip with some 7th graders at our school.  We toured the EPIC company which makes medical software for hospitals and clinics.  The company has three different locations in the Madison, WI area.  The campus we visited had about 13 different buildings.  Each building has a decorative theme.  There was TONS of artwork from local artists around the buildings.  It was amazing!  There was so much to take pictures of, that I only took pictures of my favorites.   I will tell you about the tour in two blog posts.

Here's me next to a Dr. Suess style sculpture.

This was a sculpture attached to a picture frame.  The guy is super realistic looking and it kind of creeped me out when I looked at it up close.

Here's part of the outside courtyard.  The 13 buildings are connected by indoor walkways.

Look at the paintings on the wall.. this was a New York themed area.

more NY themed decor

the campus

Look at this set-up in the hallway!

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