Postcard Swap

I participated in the Inspiration Avenue postcard swap this Spring and all of my postcards from different people have arrived.  I love them! 

Oops, I made a mistake and threw away the envelopes they came in so I'm not 100% sure who sent me each of the cards.  If one of these is yours, let me know!  Another reason to always sign the backs of your cards!

My first postcard arrived in the mail from Nancy Gerritzen.  Thanks!  It is very cool!

This one is by Donna Letterese  Her artwork is very cool.  It looks like she took some of her drawings, cut them up and collaged them.

Here was another beautiful postcard sent to me.  I have that set of stamps! 
 I bought them a loooonng time ago.

This one was sent by someone named "Evil Edna".

This is one by someone named Ani Gallo (I think that's what the name says.)

I love all these postcards and again I'm so sorry that I lost the names.  So if you see this and sent it to me, let me know and I'll attribute the card to you with a link to your blog.

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craftydvl said...

Hiya! I'm so glad you liked the card :-D I myself have to do a blog where I thank everyone for the beautiful postcards I got, they made me very happy! I'm hoping everyone got the ones I sent. I did in fact take drawings and prints and collage them. I almost never work with collage, and I thought it would be a fun new thing to do that with my postcards <3 Nice to virtually meet you!