Project Life

I have actually finished the Disneyworld scrapbook.  I will show you more pages later.  As I progressed through the book, I decided to color coordinate the pages and I think those look better than just assembling the pages randomly (which was how I started.)  My favorite spread is the page above, where I used oranges and yellows to match the color of Tigger and Pooh.

more color coordinating.. pinks and reds

Blue color... I picked out blue to match the blues in the castle and sky..  That's Daria's hand.  she loves to see the pictures.

And reds and pinks.  That top picture is the day we all wore our red Bucky Badger t-shirts (University of Wisconsin).  Yes, kind of silly, but also it was cool because we had about a dozen groups of people come up to us to tell us they were from Wisconsin too and we randomly had all kinds of little conversations with people.


Anonymous said...

Oh how great is this! Love it and now I can be a kid again right there with you. xox

Brian said...

pretty amazing. i'm impressed

LiliansArt said...

Love these