School has started!

School has started!  I teach K-6 art at a private school (plus I do Yearbook and Student Council).. so I'm guessing I probably will not have much time to blog for awhile.

Children's art is so refreshing...

The first graders are starting with simple collaged initials and then moving on to a watercolor/texture background.

Stamping with cylindrical objects and then embellishing with markers and pens. 

Look how beautiful crayon rubbings and kid's watercolor paints can be.

I've managed to sneak in a little bit of my own art journaling in the past few weeks.

And look, I've been published!
             Scholastic Art is a magazine geared for grades 4-12.   I've subscribed to it for many years and submitted a lesson plan to them.

Here is my lesson plan and students' artwork.

That's me!


Netty said...

wow congratulations Marcia, x

Unknown said...

What a fab job! inspiring the young in art amazing. You to must also be constantly inspired by them ;0) Congrats on getting the lesson plan published to. You know I always love what you do.

My monthly challenge is up if you get a wee bit of spare time (thought I know it's hard) Dxx

Unknown said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting. :) I love the examples of your class's artwork,especially crayon rubbings and watercolor ones! Want to try that with my littles. :)