Make Mail Art Postcards By Reusing Old Art

Making mixed media postcards is fun and easy to do!

Here I used a variety of materials:  scrapbooking paper, an image from a magazine, rub-on transfers, ink painted deli papers, markers and more.

Postcards made from recycling artwork

I must confess that I made these two 4x6" postcards by cutting old up old artwork.  See, I have so many paintings and collages in drawers that I have created over the years.  There's not room on my walls for all of them and I've given away others.  Some I choose just to place in my drawers of collage fodder.

Using old drawings, paintings and collages for mail art will give them new life

Find an interesting area of an old artwork and cut it up.   Cut it into 4x6" sections for postcards or smaller for Artist Trading Cards.  Add other collage elements or marks on top to tie the piece together.

I made these for the postcard swap at Artists in Blogland.
Also sharing with Artists Play Room

Don't forget that there is a mail art call at Featuring magazine!


TwinkleToes2day said...

Visiting from the APR - What a good idea to cut down old pieces to make postcards or other styles of work. The ones you show here are very lovely and the butterflies, so pretty. :0) mo

Paper rainbow said...

I love your postcards! Especially the torn up watercolours, I do this too!

Unknown said...

Un modo meraviglioso di recuperare frammenti d'arte!

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Marcia,
Thanks for participating this week, it's so nice to have you in the group. I'm loving your postcards and whomever is lucky enough to be your mail art partner is lucky indeed. Crossing fingers that Marit benefits from both our efforts and she gets LOTS of mail to choose from. Will be a colorful article. :o)
PS, hope you're feeling better, water and sleep, works wonders!

Roberta Warshaw said...

That is a great idea. I have so much old art taking up room. I am going to go see what can be given a new life! Thanks so much!

Sarah Leonard said...

Lovely artistic inspiration - I must admit I am growing to really love collaging.

Thanks so much for linking up :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Neesie said...

What a clever creative idea...the postcards are fantastic!
I've visiting from APR and enjoyed your inspiring post...thanks for sharing ;D
Neesie ♥

Jez said...

Great postcards. I particularly like the one with the apples.
I do this, but usually with failed paintings - never any lack of those.

Currie Silver said...

great idea and wonderful art!!

I just reused a 10-inch square of plywood that had several incarnations, and I made a "mosaic" with cut up watercolours. It was a calming activity and Now I can scan it and digitally fiddle with it to make mail art.

there is much to BE said for all that we have made. sometimes it is simply the making of art that is the purpose and having done so, let it "compost" and refresh new adventures!!

nice to see you at APR. I have read your blog many times as I teach a visual arts piece for elementary school kids in an outreach program at the museum.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I love your mail art! What a great idea to recycle no longer wanted or needed art work. I have done oil paintings over old "bad" paintings of mine, but didn't think of the possibilities with paper work, too.

minnemie said...

I love it - especially the detail of what looks like a piece of colorful string on the first one, and the close-up fruit on the second.