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I am taking the 21 Secrets online workshop.  Since it started a few years ago, I've heard lots of people talking about it on their blogs.  Obviously, with a limited amount of free time along with a limited amount of disposable income, I have always been choosy about the classes I can sign up for.  I want to make sure I have the time to devote to the courses I purchase.

If you haven't heard of 21 Secrets, it is an online art journaling playground with 21 instructors giving 21 different video workshops.  If you don't keep an art journal, there are still loads of techniques that can transfer over into other art areas.  It is well worth the price.  I have only watched Cathy Bluteau's workshop so far and it was fantastic!  I love her artwork, and have always wanted to see her process.  The art journal page shown above was one that I made this week using the same process she does.  21 Secrets will be open until the end of the calendar year, so you have plenty of time if you want to sign up. 

I was debating whether or not to take an in-person painting class this summer, but it gets tricky with childcare.  I stay home with Daria all summer and do take her to daycare once per week for "me time", but the painting classes I really wanted to take did not work out with the times I had available.  So, I decided that I would sign up for 21 Secrets and then work through the video workshops on the days that Daria is at daycare this summer.  (I didn't get compensated to talk about 21 Secrets, but if you sign up through your favorite instructors' blog, they will get "credit" for your purchase.)

Share the Link Love

Daisy Yellow has set out a mission to share the link love.  List your favorite recent blog links and then join in the group at her blog.

1.  First, I'm really enjoying the Coffeeshop Blog.  She shares free downloadable Photoshop actions to transform your photos. Awesome!  I'm surprised it took me so long to discover Photoshop actions.

2.  One of the language arts/social studies teachers at my school has started her own photography blog.  She is very talented!  One of blog posts is about found poetry photography.  
This is also like Marit's found book Haiku poetry!  Marit is also the founder of Featuring magazine.  Our 4th issue is wrapping up shortly and should be finished in the next few weeks.

3.  I subscribe to a lot of blogs about.. what else, but... BLOGGING!  You can get a lot of good ideas from those pro-bloggers.  This article, 5 Keys to Writing Excellent Blog Posts, was useful.  

My next few links will be to elementary art teacher's blogs.  I subscribe to a ton of these and if you have children or ever play with children, these might be interesting to you.

4.  I really like the Lenkerville Art Room blog.  I recently discovered this one and I enjoy her "Friday Photos" posts... just snippets from the art room.  I might start that up on my own art teaching blog.

5.  Aren't these the cutest paper mache pets?  From Artolazzi.

6.  Colorful paper sculptures from MVM Art room.  I will definitely be doing this with my little students to use up our huge box of paper scraps!


Thanks for reading!  Best wishes, Marcia
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Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love your brightly colored artwork, as well as your students work. Blessings and happy Show and Tell Saturday!

Tracy said...

I love all the bright colours in this and the swirly doodling.

manomij said...

Marcia I will come and check out these links you shared today a bit later! I love finding new things so thank you for that. I am a big fan of colour so you can imagine I have fallen in love with your journal entry!

PiaRom said...

wunderbare Seite so bunt, vibrant und fröhlich :) ♥ Conny

Unknown said...

Love this fun and vibrant artwork. Really wonderful colors. Lots of links to check out too! Thanks for sharing.

Linda Kunsman said...

Thanks for the links -I will be checking them out Marcia. Love your fun and colorful journal spread!

sharon said...

That is an amazing journal page so vibrant.

Rhonda Halushka said...

Great page for the 21 Secrets workshop! Love all the vibrant colors in your work!

Natasha said...

I have taken 21 Secrets each year since it began, but I think this is the best year so far!! I am so inspired right now. Love your page.

Thanks for sharing the great links. I am looking forward to exploring all the inspiration people are sharing in between laundry and housework! :)

Jez said...

Everything so colourful and beautiful and colourful. Those papier mache pets are so friendly that I am longing to make one, even though it must be 40 years since I played with papier mache. Thank you for this, i really enjoyed all the post.

SAMARA said...

You have an incredibly informative blog! I love your piece from 21. I am about to sign on for another year. When I see your piece I see how talented you are. In so many areas of it there are a thousand stories. The colors are beautiful and the images so alive! {heart} Samara Happy Balzering day!

Paper rainbow said...

This looks a great online workshop, my favourite though is the photo of the paper mache pets! They are adorable! :)

Tracey FK said...

There are some great links there and your page is just bursting with colour... magnificent ...xx

Andria said...

Your art journal page is so lovely and colorful! Sounds like this online course will be just the thing for you this summer when you have some free time to really dig into it. You certainly got a lot from the first lesson! Thanks for the Link Love, too--some fun places to visit.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for the links,

Anonymous said...

Great links! Oh...love the paper pets : )

storybeader said...

I need to go by the Coffeeshop Blog; I have Photoshop elements and could learn more about the software. I'm also taking the 21 Secrets workshop, and Cathy's was one of the first ones I looked at too! {:-Deb

Deborah Weber said...

What a great page - and thanks for sharing all the fun links. It sounds like you've found a wonderful class solution that meets your creativity needs and your availability. Enjoy!

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, can we talk?


I am going to copy it. I don't know if I will find the same parrot, but I'll let you know.

I like your selection of links, too! Paper sculpture and construction is one of my favorite things. I am taking 21 Secrets too, and for some of the same reasons. I have to feel I can devote the time needed,and it's economically feasible. Isn't Tammy fabbo?

Thanks for sharing your Glue It Tuesday!

Rossie said...

I love the colour in your world and art!