Art Journal Pages in My Small Moleskine Journal

Like many art journalers, I have grown to love the Moleskine journals.  I was hesitant to try them because of all the hype (kind of like how everyone raved about the Copic markers), but with the Moleskine journals, even though they are a little more expensive, they are perfect for paint and marker.  There was virtually no bleed through with the watercolor paper and the papers do not buckle under wet media.  So, now I am hooked!  By the way, the Copic markers are good too, but I probably won't be spending the extra money on those. 

These pages were made in the smaller journal, the size is 5.25"x 8.25", even though it is labeled as a "large" journal, the size of the book is definitely not large.

I'm not entirely happy with these pages, but they were fun to play around with.  The end result is kind of chaotic.

I wrote in an earlier blog post about how I was reading Blogging for Creatives.  I wanted to give you my honest opinion of the book, because I had such high hopes for the book. 

  • I would recommend this book to the beginner blogger.  There was way too much really basic stuff in the book.  There was one section that answers the question, "What is a blog?".  I kind of think that if you don't know what a blog is or have never seen one, maybe you should wait to start your own blog!  Other sections were things like setting up your blog, "how to add a gadget", blogging on your phone, etiquette and so forth.  Good reminders, but not lots of new information to me. 
  • There are some good ideas for blog posts and plug-ins.
  • I would like to see a Blogging for Creatives: BEYOND THE BASICS book!  I would like that. 
  • The book called Problogger was more informative, but not geared for creative bloggers.
Speaking of blogs, Natalie Mutrux has a new website with a beautiful new look and name,
Genuine Major.  Check it out!

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