I Needed to Make This

Well, not necessarily THIS, but I needed to make SOMETHING.  I've been worn out from the day-to-day routine of teaching and from things going on in my life... not in a bad way, but just tired.   I've been falling asleep by 8 or 9 pm every night, which is fine because it is what my body needs.  Sleep is a priority for me!  Without getting a solid 8-9 hours a day I will be crabby and not able to enjoy the day. 

Some of the supplies I used are:
a variety of acrylic paints,
paper scraps,

Shiva Oil Paint Stiks

the pink Sharpie poster paint marker from this set:

Watercolor paints:

At school, we are building an addition to double the physical size of our school.  The construction is right outside my window, which has been really fun to watch. We will have another art room when the construction is done, which is super exciting.

In order to connect the buildings, they will be knocking out our wall and making a hallway through our storage and kiln room.  (A new storage area will be built between the two art rooms.)  That will happen at the end of October or November.  At that time, the kiln will be out of service for the rest of the year.  So I am doing clay with all of my classes now.  That is 11 classes doing clay all at once in our small space.  There are clay projects everywhere!  It is crazy. 

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Unknown said...

I love it! Congrats on the school expansion, that sounds so exciting. I hope you get to squeeze more time in to make more lovely creations like this!

MS4 said...

I like it! How did you make those fine white lines? Did you scrape the paint off, or add white color with paint, etc?

Marcia Beckett said...

Thanks for your comments! I hope I get to make more creative time too!

I used this white pen: http://www.jetpens.com/Uni-ball-Signo-Broad-UM-153-Gel-Ink-Pen-White-Ink/pd/380 It's the best white pen EVER!

MS4 said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip! :)

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to the need to make! Love this.....xox

Teddi said...

gorgeous creation! it's great that art helps when you're stressed. i bet you are super excited for the new school art space. :)