New Art Journaling & Project Life Cards in My Etsy Shop

I ordered some new designs for scrapbook cards.  In this previous post, I explained how I made the cards. I like to have little pieces of collaged paper to use as backgrounds in my art journaling and Project Life scrapbooking, so I photographed sections of collages that I made and printed them off into the perfect size for Project Life sleeves.

I really like the quality of how these cards turned out.  When printing these, there are minimum quantities to order and I don't think I will ever use all of them, so I put some of these in my Etsy shop.  Hopefully if I earn some money from these, I can print off more designs!  I'm also open to trades if you have your own homemade Project Life style journaling cards (or homemade stickers, I love stickers.)

Here are some pictures from my shop:

"The cards are meant to bring a colorful burst to your projects. You can use these as a layer in:
  • greeting cards
  • Project Life books (the cards are sized at exactly 3.94" x 2.88" in order to fit into Project Life sleeves)
  • art journals
  • traditional scrapbooks
  • or just flip the back over and write an uplifting note to a friend.

I like to use these by gluing a small photo on top and outlining the photo to make it stand out against the colorful background. Another way to use these is to glue a smaller piece of light paper on top (or stick a label on it) and add some writing.

You can buy a set of just one design or you can buy a set with all 5 designs.  Check it out at my shop.

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Anonymous said...

Love the colors, need color right about now, bet you do even more. xox