Art Journaling with a Quote

This summer is going by in a blur of playdates, outings to museums or parks, water fun and meals at restaurants.  We've had lots of occasions, visitors and special events where we end up out somewhere.  I think we cram all of our social life for the year into the months of nice weather.  In the winter, we tend to hibernate.

The top art journal page is in progress.  I found it while looking through some old art journals and I never finished it.  I like the tie-dyed colors a lot in this picture, which were made by painting watercolor on paper towels.  

The bottom journal page I made by spraying inks through stencils.  After it was dry, I took it with me on a long car trip (I was not driving!) and added the collage pieces and doodles with pen.  

The quote spoke to me.  I find it hard sometimes especially with Facebook and blogs to not compare myself to other people.   Lately I've been having a hard time seeing everyone's awesome vacation photos.  But yet, I still go online far too much.

Art is Basic


denthe said...

those soft colours in the top picture are great looking. I love the organic shapes. Last journalpage is looking great too, and with a very true quote ...

Anonymous said...

Your watercolors always make me happy. Nice quote, and yes, I know what you mean, but to me it's all just eye candy, and a nice distraction, but I too go on less than I used to, spending more time working on the farmhouse rehab. xox

Unknown said...

Lovely work - I think the quote is awesome and you created a very beautiful piece. Pinned to my inspiration board :)

Unknown said...

I always love your work Marcia - your colors, and your open spaces, really speak to me. I know what you mean... I've really cut down on FB and blog hopping -- it's hard not to get sucked in. Keep on doing what you're doing! When I had my babies, I always thought that if I got one thing done each day - even making the bed -- it was a victory!