My Art Classroom

School started this week!  Wow, what an adjustment going back.  My feet and back are aching!  I've had to get both kids ready for daycare in the morning, since my husband is on the morning shift for a few weeks, so I've been having to wake up so early!  I've spent so much time on my art classroom this summer.  We had an addition built to our school and they built ANOTHER ART ROOM!  So exciting!  I have the old room, but now I do not have to share a room anymore, so we have so much MORE SPACE to spread out into.  I thought I would show you some of the fun parts of my room.  If you want to see more pictures in my classroom, you can visit my art teaching blog Art is Basic.  

Art is Basic

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Mrs. Hoadley said...

your room looks so bright and inspiring! I just started back teaching this last week too, and it's been an adjustment! Good luck on the rest of the year!