A World of Artist Journal Pages: Book Review

I am excited to share with you the book A World of Artist Journal Pages.  It just arrived in the mail yesterday and it is thick.. just full of inspiring art pages.  And I am super excited because five of my art journal pages have been published in the book!
A World of Artist Journal Pages Review

I put together a video flip-through to show you some of the pages of the book.  I have really low voice and my voice is even scratchier with a sore throat I have now.

Here are four of my pages that are in the book (I couldn’t find a photo of the final page.)
Soul Affirming Journal Page
Every Creation Journal Page
The Whole World Journal Page
Page with Bird and Boy

Art Journal Page

(I’m a little bummed because the scans I sent off for printing didn’t show the colors as bright as it really is in real life, but oh well!)

Art is Basic


Marit said...

Thanks for the flip-through Marcia.. I haven't seen my art (it must be in the book...) and the book is not available in the Netherlands yet... I'm getting more curious by the day and don't think I can wait any longer, so maybe I will order it in the USA after all... how awesome that your art is included too!! Lots of familiar names, it's a must have!

Carin Winkelman said...

Thanks for the video. I am eagerly awaiting this book to arrive. I have seen my pages thanks to a friend, but I really want to have it in my hand so I can look at all the other pages too.
Congrats on being in there! We are in very good company. ;-)