Just a little more art journaling... what I've been doing lately

This summer has been quite busy.  I have tried to plan things pretty much every day this summer for us to do, because otherwise we end up sitting at home watching lots of tv.  We've gone to the children's museum, a few beaches, many splash parks and playgrounds, backyard parties and this weekend we actually went to a concert just for adults!  We heard the Dead Horses play (amazing group!) and the Last Revels.  Both are bluegrass-ish/folk with fiddles and banjos and great vocals.  Funny how I'm now listening to this kind of music... I used to be mostly listening to heavy metal and industrial. 

Daria and I have done some art projects together, scrapbooking, painting, making collages.. it is so fun to have someone who is always willing to make stuff with me!  I know it will only get more fun as she gets older. 

We took a few short trips.. we went to Sawyer, MI to my brother's cabin and to Chicago for the Lego Brickworld Convention.  Both of which I wrote about on my art teaching blog.  I tend to update that blog more often, because, let's face it.. my life revolves around teaching art and my kids... and I don't end up having as much time as I'd like to create my own art. 

My next blog post will be a book review and a super fun GIVEAWAY, so stay tuned!

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lzymzy said...

I love your work. So vibrant and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!