An Art Journal Page In Steps

Would you like to see me create an art journal page with a quote in steps?  Of course you do!  Here goes.

First I started practicing some watercolor lettering.  While the watercolors were still wet, I dropped in other colors to create the multi-colored or ombre effect in the letters.  The quote is going to read, "All the colors I am inside have not yet been invented." (Shel Silverstein)  I used a waterbrush and  Peerless Watercolors. But any watercolor paints will work just fine.

Then I prepared a background.  I started by selecting different patterned papers and cards from my scrapbooking collection.  I tore them and cut them into squares and rectangle-ish shapes.

Next I rubbed on some white acrylic paint and drips of lightened aqua and turquoise paint from the Handmade Modern line at Target.

Finally, I cut around the watercolor words and glued them on to background.
Voila!  All done!

Art is Basic

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