Painted Circles inspired by Kandinsky

This is a circle painting "study" in my art journal/sketchbook.  I was inspired by the circle paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, a favorite artist of mine.

Here is his original.

School has started again and I am getting back in the groove.  I update my art teaching blog about once a week, so if you are interested in that aspect of my life, check out Art is Basic.  My classes this year (knock on wood) are really really good.  I mean, so far they are hard working, behaving well and fun.  I have much of the same students as last year, but it really makes a difference which kids are placed in each of the classes... balancing personalities is key and this year I think the classes are balanced really well. 

My daughter Daria started kindergarten this year!  Finally!  She is almost 6 and her birthday is just right after the cut-off so she is old for her grade.  I feel like she's been in daycare forever ($$$).  She is having a good time in kindergarten and everything they are doing so far is pretty easy for her, but she is learning some new things and meeting some new kids.  It helps her comfort level that our next door neighbor, one of our good friend's daughter and several kids from her preschool are at her kindergarten so there's a whole group of kids she already knows that she can play with at recess.  I think the transition to school would have been much harder if she didn't know anyone.  

Desmond, my son, is almost 17 months old and he is totally into all the stereotypical boy things... climbing, running, trucks, trains, cars, dirt, sand, hitting things and so forth...  He is super adorable (of course I think so) and happy most of the time.  He isn't saying very many words.. just mama, dada, "duh" for dog, Dah-i-a for Daria and we think he said ketchup the other day.  I don't think he feels like he needs to learn actual words because really he just points to whatever he wants or grunts and we can figure out what he needs.  

I miss updating this blog and honestly, I know it sounds like an excuse, but I just haven't had time.  In the summer, when I was home with the kids, if I'd try to get on the computer Desmond would come over and start banging the keys.. or Daria would want to go do something and I feel guilty if I'm "playing" on the computer.  Desmond does not sleep super well and still wakes up most nights.  He also often does not fall asleep until after 9 pm and by then, I am so tired I just want to go to sleep myself.  And then, same thing with making art, it's pretty hard to paint or do anything artsy when Desmond will come over and grab my paints or markers.  At this point, he is pretty young to be doing much with art materials and he just likes to put them in his mouth or color the walls! 

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Marit said...

Oh wow Marcia! I do know the artist Kadinsky but didn't know this painting... his as well as yours is fabulous! Such an inspiration! Ohmy, your 'babies' grow real fast... Desmond, 17 months, really? When did this happen.... enjoy them both, enjoy your classes (sounds fun! wish I could come over to take a peek...) and enjoy your free 'art time' whenever you have a minute... Love from Holland!